Monday, February 22, 2016

Zone Conference in Chiclayo then Back to Jaen

That's great you got to take their pictures! i love all those guys, they are great!! i sent you elder Wallace's moms email last week, just take a quick check for it, I'm glad to hear that dad is busy, but not because i don't want him to feel stressed, and that's awesome that you are working on your masters!

My week has been kinda hectic (i think that's how you spell it) my first half was kinda boring not much happened, but on thursday we headed down to chiclayo! we got a super nice bus that was a double decker and we were on the top, and they gave us free snacks,  when we finally got to chiclayo, we stayed with the zone leaders of La Victoria. And we went to a super market and got some dinner, then in the morning we ate french toast at their pension. And the multi-zone was ok, it was kinda boring I'm not going to lie, but it was good none the less. then we headed back up to Jaén..ugh. our bus was not as nice (still a double decker) and they played this one movie that was HORRIBLE it was like hunger games but 10x worse it was SO disturbing, we asked them to turn it off, but they said no...idiots. and that bus ride felt like an eternity! but we finally got back. and we have a baptism this saturday! her name is naty and she is like 52...and ill be baptizing her!! I'm so excited! 

we were kinda rushed today so i didn't get any pictures, sorry. and if you guys send a package for my bday. could you send, a little container to hold your oil .i need one, and a protector for my toothbrush, and some water flavorings..that would be great!! I love you guys so much!! and ill talk to you guys next week!

Elder Moore

Monday, February 15, 2016

First Week in Jaen

it makes me sad but happy to see sparky! I'm glad that Ryan got his hat. YES, I got my package..thank you! I needed the socks and laces, and the candy was a nice surprise, as well as the letters from bri, brooke, and emma. 

Jaén is quite the place! there are mountains everywhere, and it's rained every day since I've been here! I came up at the perfect time because its winter up here...weird I know, but I love it! my new comp is pretty awesome too, he's such a hard worker and we are getting a lot done. the first person I talked to who was a reference has a date for the 27th of this month! our church still starts at 8, and we started super late yesterday but it was still a super good 3 hours.  there was a lady who was breastfeeding in the hallway. our pension is great! we literally live in the same house...kinda. she had an attachment put on her house for us and it's actually a nice room, and super nice that she is right there. they took all the sisters out because it is too far from president, and the bus ride was 7 1/2 hours..ugh! we're going  back down thursday and heading back up friday....UGH. 

over all Jaén is pretty sweet! I'm going to love this area! it's so green and we can buy coconuts that they cut open and you can drink the water with a straw..super cool! and before I left giusseppe and flora threw me a goodbye party, and there is a pic. of that...I love you guys!! talk to you guys next week!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Elder Moore Has Been Transferred to the Peruvian Jungle City of Jaen

Man this week has been amazing, and sad, amazing cause we had a baptism this week!! (you can see the photo below) and the mission president said that it was one of the best baptisms he's seen! so that was a plus, but sad, because i have changes...:( but I'm getting changed to an area called Jaén, which is in the Peruvian jungle! ill be right next to the amazon river and its super green, but its also SUPER hot! so that kinda sucks but i can deal with the heat, but the animals in the jungle, i don't know..haha. but no I'm super excited, but it was super hard to say goodbye to all the members! we had a family night (farewell elder moore) with all the members, and they each shared how much they loved and cared about me, and when it was my turn to speak, i busted out crying, kinda depressing. But i know Jaén is the place where i am suppose to go and you can't complain about serving in the jungle! on friday we spent 4 1/2 hours cooking lasaña haha. but man was it good! so ya that's basically been my week, talk to you guys later Love you!! 

Elder Moore

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sweet Letter to Dad

I hope you get better soon from your cold!! im glad you liked your gifts and that our ward it still good, thank you for all you have done for me!! the 6 months ive been here, i have seen children with fatherless homes and the family is suffering. the kids end up doing drugs and getting into trouble. i just want to say THANK YOU for the example you have been to me!!! I love you dad!!!

Elder Moore