Monday, March 27, 2017

good about Emma and that girl is a family member of the branch president. she also showed me the post that you got my flight plans! could you please send those to me? 
so my  week went something like this..on tuesday we had to go to the mission office so all the new elders could have a 3 week training by the mission president. in the training they split up the trainers and their comps. and we all had to answer 3 questions what have you learned from...yourself....your comp...and the work. so that was a good evaluation for me. that night we taught a investigator named Santiago and during the lesson at night..the lights just went out. so we took out another appointment and 10 min later the lights came back on...Satan wants to destroy this work1 then i raced with that girl who you are face book friends with and i totally beat her. then we went back to the room, and i noticed that i lost my name tag and my agenda. so we went back to the branch presidents and lucky it was there, they fell out while i was running. Wed. i gave my class on inspiration which went good. after i gave a baptism interview. Thu. we had been invited to a primary activity and we ate arroz con leche and the entire time i chatted it up with the branch presidents daughters. Sat. a member who is a complete homie. told me that he would be willing to go get me chili's. so i was wondering if i could take out like 40$ to go have him buy it and buy donuts for the other elders so I'm not eating chili's in front on them? Then sun i taught the atonement in gospel principles. and we ended the week with 11 new investigators! so i think that's been my week. the pic below is a bird we found in the street who couldn't fly, so the penson brought it in to take care of you guys!!

Elder Moore

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

we are doing fine here, morrope isn't being affected too bad like it is in other parts.
well lets see, last pday we got in and got the room cleaned. then we found butterflies that would stay on our hands (pics  below) which was cool. on tue. the whole day the sky was black from rain. the rain is getting so bad that they are now having to evacuate people by helicopter. the whole country is under emergency. then that night we had a great lesson with 2 new people we found alex and luz. Wed. we were invited to go to caracucho which is like 30 min away to help the members over there. so i called the mission president and he gave us permission. that day a lot of things were changing about going and i kept having to call the mission president. at the end of it all, we didn't go cause the water was up to our necks. i had to call again the mission president to tell him all of the planning we did was canceled :( then we found out that from the rain a bunch of crocs have escaped a zoo here. and one has attacked someone in my area...kinda scary. Fri. we had a multi zone which was good. sister williams told about her experience and miracles from the trip and her surgery to the states. that night we taught alex and luz again and it was a intense experience working with the spirit, trying to answer their questions. Sat we found another new guy who got hit by a bus less than a year ago and almost died. now he wants to get closer to then we helped the branch president carry a huge bag of food over to a less active lady who didn't have anything and on the way, the bad ripped and we lost a bunch of rice. and after all the effort we put into it. she wasn't home 😥. that night it poured, it rained like i have never seen before...kind scary! sun was a testimony builder we passed by a inv. to go to church but he wasn't there so i started to judge in my head and everything. when we got there, not 3 min later he showed NEVER judge! 
Church was only 2 hours from the rain and all that afternoon we helped a convert tear down 2 of her walls cause they were about to fall from the rain. so that has been my week. all i ask of you guys is that you can pray for Peru and its citizens....cause we are in trouble! love you guys!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Flooding in Peru

The intense rains, overflowing rivers, mudslides and flooding being experienced in the country are the worst seen in in two decades, Peruvian authorities said Saturday, affecting more than half the nation as the death toll since the beginning of the year hits 72.
Prime Minister Fernando Zavala on Saturday updated the number of dead to 72 in comments to local radio station RPP.
The government says 374 people were killed in 1998 during a similar period of massive rains and flooding caused by rains blamed on the El Nino climate pattern.
The rains have overwhelmed the drainage system in the cities along Peru's Pacific coast and the health ministry has started fumigating around the pools of water that have formed in the streets to kill mosquitoes that carry diseases like dengue.
Lima has been without water service since the beginning of the week. The government has deployed the armed forces to help police control public order in the 811 cities that have declared an emergency.
"The prices for lemons have gone up, as well as for potatoes and cooking oil," said Sara Arevalo, a mother of five who was shopping at a market in northern Lima. The government has acknowledged that prices have shot up some 5 percent because of the flooding.
The highly unusual rains follow a series of storms that have struck especially hard along Peru's northern coast, with voracious waters inundating hospitals and cemeteries, and leaving some small villages entirely isolated. The storms are being caused by a warming of the surface waters in the Pacific Ocean and are expected to continue for another two weeks.
Even Peru's capital city of Lima, where a desert climate seldom leads to rain, police on Friday had to help hundreds of residents in an outskirt neighborhood cross a flooded road by sending them one-by-one along a rope through choppy waters. The muddy current channeled down the street after a major river overflowed. Some residents left their homes with just a single plastic bag carrying their belongings

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

All the things we will do as a Moore family sound fun! just a thought, have you given any thought to where we are taking our cruise? and we found 7 new people this week so hopefully they will be good.
so to start off, Monday and tuesday we didn't do much cause my comp was still getting over his cold. Wed. in the morning we helped a family member of the branch president carry tons of 5 gallon buckets into her house. that night we did a family night with the branch presidents family...a couple days later he showed me his daughters journal and she wrote "the best family night with Elder Moore and Elder San" so that was cool and good to know. Thu. we did weekly planning, then that afternoon it poured rain. so we helped/took shelter at presidents house. then we left to go help members. Friday was zone conference. and the zone leaders pulled a prank...with a purpose. they said that President Williams had a meeting with some general authorities. and that in general conference they were going to announce that now, all missionaries will serve 3 years....and everyone was in shock. after they told us it was a joke, but they had us think if we would really be willing to accept the Lords will. so it was a awesome joke/teaching moment. After i did 3 baptism interviews. then i did a exchange with Elder Rod. Sat. we pretty much just walked around. Sun. i gave the gospel principle class on scriptures. then we ended our fast (oh ya we fasted) then i ate and drank super fast and that whole day my stomach killed. so i think that has been my week. i love you guys! i was going to send photos, but i forgot my cord to send next week i will!

Elder Moore
A sister from Peru sent this over Facebook

Monday, March 6, 2017

glad to know everything is going good still, glad to know that you are getting better!
wow, it feels like forever since Ive written! its been a interesting week. last pday i dropped of my comp (cause he finished his mission) so i got to stay the night with a bunch of elders which was way fun! we all went and ate at a restaurant together. tuesday morning after 20 months i finally had a omelet! then i had a meeting for trainers. then i picked up my son (the guy I'm training) his name is Elder Sanderlin from Texas. he is a cool guy. then for lunch we ate pizza with all the other trainers. (pic below of all of us) Wed. we had district meeting, then we went back to the office cause the airport lost his suitcase. but they found it...on the other side of the country. but he has it now. on friday it started to rain again. sat we went to the lady who got baptized last week and moved mud bricks. sun we helped her put up her roof with the branch president. then she gave us watermelon. then my comp got sick and was throwing up all night. but every gringo goes through that. so i think that has been my week. below are pics from the baptism last week. i love you guys! for my package maybe i honesty cant remember the things there are there, you guys can just surprise me! love you guys!

Elder Moore