Friday, December 30, 2016

it was way great to talk to you guys! so crazy how fast time is moving. i think my comp is going cause he has been here a long time. and good i want to go on a cruise so bad! i don't care where we go...surprise me! have fun in Vegas and...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! well last Monday we just stayed in the room all day and played ya. Tue. i went back to the doctor and he said that i have to keep resting, but i am starting to leave little by little, but still i gotta rest a little and we were at the church for like 2 hours while the zone leaders were interviewing 2 people that were baptized. wed. i gave my district meeting class which went okay, it was kinda hard on crutches..thu. i did a test call on skype with my mission pres. and we had 2 baptisms! the guy who got baptized, his daughter is on her mission, so we used skype, and she got to see her dad get baptized which was cool (hence the test call with pres.)  then we went and sang in chiclayo which was way fun! even though it was hard to move around with hundreds of people around you.but it was still a blast! then church was only one hour. so that's been my week for you guys. hope you guys have a great week, it was great to talk to you guys again! and yes be planning that cruise!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Elder Moore

View from apartment

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

the assistants told me, yes my mission pres. is coming home that day as well. yes my pension does live in a store, she lives a block away, 10 min. 

this week, I'm not gonna lie, its sucked. Last pday we were playing soccer, and i jumped and i did ligament damage in my foot. So i have been locked in my room the entire week. tuesday i went to the hospital, the doctor first thought that my foot was broken, but he took xrays and there wasn't a crack, but there is ligament damage. The doctor wanted to give me a shot in my butt. and right before the nurse was about to give me it. one of the office elders called and reminded us to call sister williams before we did anything. so i called her and we couldn't receive shots. so that saved me from a painful experience! but this entire week i have been in my room. Friday i left for a Christmas multi zone which was pretty cool. that and church sunday have been the only times i have left the room this week my comp and i have spent all week watching movies, and being bored. so sorry this has been so short..but that's been my week.

photos of my room, and my foot. Love you guys!!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

my new place is pretty nice, i will send photos next week, i forgot, sorry. my new comp is pretty cool we get along okay. my pension is the nicest lady ever! pic below. the town is normal sized and there is tons of dirt! 
there are 6 elders in my district including me. 
last Monday i had my goodbye at a members house which was kinda sad...oh and i got a surprise! I'm NOT coming home on the 4th.....I'm coming home...........the 13th of June, 3 weeks early because of the change of mission presidents. so surprise!! Tuesday the changes happened. i got to my new area and the entire morning we went out and got to know the members which was good, they are great! the bad thing about this area is that there is nobody...well we have a baptism date for the 23rd of this month so that will be cool, but other than that, there is NOTHING! we have spent all this week knocking doors which was awful!
wed. we had ward council at night time and the church was having problems with the light system so the lights kept going on and off really fast, so the church looked like a haunted house...haha. Thursday we had a lesson with some inv.  and after they gave us some mango flavored popsicles. friday we practiced our scripture mastery's and for everyone we missed we had to do 5 push ups. then we went to a member so he could come out with us, and his dad owns a store so he kept giving us soda and treats..haha. then we went and totally burned a inv. cause she cant get her head around the fact that her baptism is incorrect. after burning her she gave us hot chocolate and bread...haha. on sat. we were walking and a car drove passed us and splashed a mud puddle on us, so that bugged me a little. on sun. church was good, all the members are super nice, again we just walked around all day so this area is good, just TONS of that's been my week i hope you guys have a great week. love you guys!

elder moore

Thursday, December 8, 2016

transfers.....yes i have a chance...i am going to the area...Pueblo Nuevo in the zone Latina....which is the same zone where i got robbed 3 times...but i know that's where the Lord needs me. i don't get to call home...dang.  i did get to watch the devotional great!
So i have some bad news...President Williams said that now we cannot use recorders to send our sorry its all letters from here on out. but last Monday all we did was play soccer which was kinda boring. Tuesday was okay. i bought a mango that was super sour...which really bummed me cause now is the season for mango's.. we also had the 1st councilor from the stake presidency come out with us which was fun...hes a cool guy. after he bought us bread...haha. ON wed. we did weekly planning kinda early. After i did a work exchange with Elder Erazo from Ecuador. i have known him for more than a year now so it was fun to hang with him. we taught a lady whose top lip was tiny, and her bottom lip looked like it got stung by a bee 😂 after we tried to get a taxi to take us for 80 cents, but he wanted 1 sole, we told him we didn't have a sole, so he flipped us off, i don't get it...😐 then a cough started to come on...thursday was horrible. the morning we contacted a really rich part, then my cough got really bad, so we rested the afternoon. 
Friday we had zone conference which went good i will let you know next week what day i will skype (i don't think its gonna be on Christmas) then we visited a recent convert whose family left him for going the church. when we passed by, he had not eaten in 3 days and he talked about taking his own life. after the lesson i went over to the store and bought him 2 days worth of food, service just makes people happy. especially since I'm one of Christ's representatives right now.  sat. and sun i was sick coughing all day, i bought some cough syrup that seems to be helping. so ya...that's been my week, i love you guys! talk to ya guys next week! 

elder Moore

pics 1 ivan
       2. ivan and my elders quorum pres.

Monday, November 28, 2016

well its kinda been a good week. last Monday we had a family night with the bishop and we brought an investigator (the young guy by me in the photo below) and we later put a date for him on the 24th of December! we were teaching him about the book of Mormon, and during the lesson he started to powerful! and on wed. i am pretty sure i gave my last district meeting class in pimemtel...kinda sad. after we just talked about Christmas. then i did a work visit with elder sanchez, and we walked around ALL day. there was a huge rottweiler ? i don't know if thats how you spell it...but it ran towards me and i was certain it was gonna attack me, but it ended up being nice. and it ended up being a awesome dog. on thursday i was sick which wasn't too fun...i just stayed in bed all day and watched 17 kinda lame day. since it was thanksgiving, i will name also a few things i am grateful mission, i have come to really know my purpose in life, and i can now speak 2 languages. my family, that we will be together forever. later we passed by one of our investigators and he was drunk, and he said "if you were a girl, i would marry you" then he came in and hugged first i thought he was gonna try and kiss me....which i am REALLY glad he didn't....haha. we watched Ephraim's Rescue with some less actives and now they are starting to come back to the church...its awesome to see them work with the spirit. so for what i can remember, that has been my week. have a great week! 

Elder Moore

Monday, November 21, 2016

I must say that it has been a better week. monday we arrived at the mission office, and it was one of the assistants bday, so my mission president invited them, us, and 4 other elders to go to chili's! it was amazing! it was just like the states! for an 1 hour i was in heaven. and president said, "well get what you want, money isn't a problem" so that made it even was sooo good! after eating rice and chicken for 16 months, it was good to have a change!  on tuesday my comp had to go to the doctors cause he has fungus growing on his foot, and the doctor was scraping grains of dirt from his nail...kinda gross. and on the way back, a HUGE bee flew into the taxi, so that was kinda scary. on Wed. i gave a girl a baptism interview and she is a power house! then a member invited us to dinner and we ate pollo a la brasa its called, pretty good. 
on friday my pensions daughter got married, and i got to help them make some preparations for their marriage which was fun. and since I'm getting older in the mission, they were all teasing me saying " ya falta poco por su matrimonio" which is like "its not that long till your wedding" so that was funny, until they were doing it for more than an hour, then it got kinda irritating...haha. on sat. i didn't have a pension so we just ate out in the streets. and now we have to move the date of ivan to the 10th of December, and the transfers are the 6th...NOOOOO im gonna miss it by 4 days 😭 I'm still gonna count it as my baptism tho. i started with him at rock bottom. and on sunday grupo 5 came to pimentel, which they are like the one direction of Peru, so that was cool. oh and i went to the baptism of the girl i interviewed, and her friend tried to take pics of the baptism, and no one said anything...even the bishopric. so finally i had to say "sorry you cant take pics" so that just shows you how much the ward was not paying attention. so that's been my week for the most part. have a great week! 
Elder Moore

Monday, November 14, 2016

Well another week down. i am now officially moved into my new room which is so much better than before! we went to a contact to teach him and his wife hates us, she yelled at us saying "stop coming back, you guys are fools, my husband doesn't want anything to do with you guys" so that was kinda interesting. on wed. i did a work exchange with Elder balcazar. then we had a pretty sweet family home evening with a member family and talked about the plan of salvation, which that is my favorite subject to talk just blows my mind every time! after they gave us some lemonade where they blended a entire lemon ( including the shell) so i about died! then i picked up my homecoming suit which is pretty sweet. (pic below). oh and my investigator, his date fell through cause he didn't come to church yesterday 😥  so we have to put a new date with him. on sat. we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and he took us out to dinner to get pizza which was awesome. but flip i gotta stop eating junk food! i am starting to gain weight! and loose all my muscle 😭.he also brought his daughter who fell off her horse...but she is pretty cool. (pic also below) yesterday we had stake conference and the main topic was temples and we talked about the blessing of the temple and the stake president went over and talked about all the questions in the interview which was great! so really that's all i got for ya...i don't really have anything else. have a great week. 

Elder Moore

Friday, November 11, 2016

Well to start off i had a super lame week, but at the same time a super awesome week...let me explain. Tuesday was amazing! We had a multi zone which was my favorite one that i have had on my mission! the main topic was marriage and families. it really hit me as we talked about how to have successful families. What really blew my mind was that we read in Alma 50:1-6 about how Moroni commands his armies to build safeguards around the land of the nephites in preparation for war against the lamanites. When you have time read Alma 50:1-6 and read what Moroni commanded his armies to do. But here are the ways it ties in with the family:
The heaps of earth = marriage
The timbers = prayer
The pickets = the scriptures
The towers = family home evenings
it hit me so hard, its so true that when the husband and wife establish their marriage and family on these 4 things, it will be a lot easier to defeat satan (the lamanites ) and his temptations. so tuesday was pretty cool, i also got to see my favorite comp Elder Marin (pics below) then the rest of the week sucked. on  Wed. we were in the room all day, the owner of our apartment called and in the morning a guy came over and knocked a whole in the wall of the bathroom to place a window, and we waited all day for that stupid window, and at 6:30 they came to put in the window....and they took out the wrong measurements, so the window didn't fit....i was kinda like really upset with them. on thursday they finally put in the window. on friday night we had a ward mission night and we were in charge of the game, and every one got frustrated with us cause the questions were "too hard".  on sat. my comp was sick so we stayed in the room mostly the whole day there is a pic of me of what i did all day...haha . on sunday we spent all of elders quorum teaching how to give health blessings...iso basically my whole week kinda blew...except for tuesday, the multi zone was da bomb! right now i just want to focus on the multi zone i had, cause it got to me. it got me thinking about my mission and why i came out here. It got me thinking about how i have helped and will help families get their lives back together. that's obviously one of the reasons i came out. I have been thinking about all the blessings i have received and will receive. and now i am starting to see things a bit more clearly. I have received lots of blessings over these 16 montsh, i have become more patient, i know spanish, i understand the gospel of Jesus Christ a lot better, i have a family who loves me, etc. all i know is that i am eternally grateful i came out here, cause i really love this gospel! i really love peru! and that's how i felt after the multi zone. i love my mission. 
go and make the best out of this week, and ill talk to ya next week! Love ya!

Elder Moore

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This week i figured out that one of my investigators died of cancer which was super sad! it was ironic because the last lesson we taught was the plan of salvation. last monday i got to say goodbye to my trainer before he went home, which was SUPER hard! on tuesday i bought what i think is gonna be my homecoming suit so that was pretty sweet. there were a lot of rude people on tuesday which was like really annoying!  later we went to see my investigator who passed away and he was hard seeing him dead. thursday was the birthday of my comp so that was cool to celebrate that with him!  i found a gringo by the beach so i loved talking in english for a min. OH and we found our next baptism!  thursday we taught him the restoration and it was amazing! after the lesson he said, "i have read, i have prayed, and i have got my answer...i know this is the true church" so powerful! once he said that i invited him to baptism and he accepted the 26th of november! so great! we contacted a lady who was super nice, but once she found out that we were mormons, she kicked us out of her house....i don't understand. so i think that has been my week, have a great week! 
Elder Moore 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Well it was also another week. i had a member call me and tell me that he was going to come out with us..then 30min before he called and said he couldn' i did a work exchange with Elder Torres a guy from Ecuador. hes pretty sweet. his pension made us a BBQ chicken pizza, that was the best thing i have eaten in a long time! the next day my mission president came and looked at my room and told me that we need to switch rooms because our room right now is way too small! so we have been looking for new rooms this whole week which has sucked! then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and he is awesome, he did practises with us and gave us some super helpful tips.i gave a lady a baptism interview, the old little lady was so sweet, it was an enjoyable interview. its been hard because every new room that we have found has had something wrong with it, so i have no clue what we are going to do! we visited the mendoza family who are getting ready to get married and get sealed in the temple. so we watched a video on temples and they showed pictures of the sealing room, and other sacred rooms. and it made me lucky are we to have this knowledge that families can be together forever...its just so amazing! then i contacted a lady and gave her a book of Mormon, later on she invited us to some Peruvian pastries...super nice lady. and i got the news that i am going to say in pimental! so i will be here another month and a half....yay. so for me that's been my week. Love you! and talk to ya next week!

Elder Moore

Monday, October 17, 2016

i also bought some BBQ sauce which was a great decision,.it helps me put down the food a bit easier here. by the beach, i ran into one of my favorite converts..Guisseppe which was sooo great.. i about tackled him in excitement. he is so flippin sweet. i also had interviews with my mission president which i always love them cause i walk out of his office feeling amazing! i lucked out with such a great mission president! and his wife is the nicest little lady in the world! later i met some people from San Fransisco so it was good to talk to them in English for a min! Last night the branch had a movie night and we watched meet the Mormons which was great! haha we had to buy a new toilet seat cause my old comp broke the last one so i spent like 30 min beating the old toilet seat with a wrench trying to get it off, when i found out that underneath there are 2 screws that take it off...i felt so dumb..haha 😝 then on Sunday during sacrament meeting, all the stake leaders came in and the stake president said that pimentel is now a ward, and everyone cheered so that was pretty sweet to see that. and we have found a golden investigator. his name is I. and that when we went to church yesterday he had all his doubts answered! soo great! he will progress greatly!  and being a district leader is great i love it! i get to go to different areas to work with the missionaries in my district as well as the zone leaders.  My favorite area has been Remigio silva which is dead center in Chiclayo, the pension was great, i had great comps, and the i have made some amazing friends there (Guisseppe is from that area). So from what i can remember, that has been my week. Have a great week! Love you!  

Elder Moore 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Oh and today i am now in the womb! nine months from today ill be flying home...crazy! Last Monday i got to make myself a PB&J sandwich which was amazing! later we made a American cake which was even more amazing! on Tuesday we had a recent convert tell us that he is starting to doubt his testimony about Joseph Smith which is scary. and there was a lady who lived with 10 dogs...crazy! i also did a work visit with a guy from Ecuador named Elder Erazo who is pretty sweet. We watched the restoration with juanita and nicole which was sweet the spirit was there for sure! haha then i had to check on some marriage dates for the assistants. conference was da bomb! it was 2 days of just relaxing and watching the prophets and apostles talk. but one of our investigators almost died last week due to some heath problems which is kinda scary but that just shows you that he still has a purpose in this life. So that's mainly been my week. sorry it was kinda boring. hopefully next week there will be more events that happen. Have a fantastic new week. Go and do some good this week. Love you.

Only nine months of his  mission left..silly Elder!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

so it was a okay week. but last Monday my friend and i got pizza hut which made my entire week! later that night we had a family night and they gave us pancakes!! so it was an American day! we had another family night and watched Legacy which is flippin amazing! later i had a work exchange with a elder from Trujillo named Elder Sanchez pretty sweet guy. we went running by the beach which felt awesome! then we took a bunch of pics by the beach. that night we had an activity and i got blindfolded and had to be guided by the "the spirit" which was pretty cool until i whacked my knee on a chair..haha. on Friday i got a phone call saying that a family that has listened to the other elders has came back from Lima and they want to be baptized that was interesting. so on Saturday i went over and gave 4 people a baptism interview. but it all worked out. then on Sunday night i was threatened by a guy on drugs who got angry with me and crumpled up the picture of Jesus that i gave to him...then later threw it at me....that's why drugs are bad. so that's been my week for ya. you will be super happy, i sent lots of pictures this week! love ya!

Elder Moore