Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Applying the Teachings of Apostles...

This week has flown by! i can hardly remember what happened, and im at that point where spanish makes more sense than english..haha. and our one investigator had her date for the 30th this month but she was traveling and didn't come to church so now we have to move it to next week :/ and our other investigator Jose Roldan still has his date for the 6th! we have a new investigator who is amazing! he accepted a date for the 6th also! its amazing how much a testimony can move people! we had a awesome training that was with all the missionaries in the world..thats right all of them and it was over satellite and it was amazing, it has some apostles (like elder bednar, and neilson) and elder marin and i applied their teaching about how we NEED the holy ghost in our lessons, because we are not the teachers, he is. i was thinking about this one scripture (i cant remember where its at) but it says that "if you do not have the spirit, you can not teach." and it is SO true! so thats been my week i have some pictures.... I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!

1. i am almost a latino..haha (my tan line)
2. my soles of my shoes at only 6 months.
3. the building you wanted.

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Change in Attitude

im doing a lot better! my infection is gone, but i still have the paracite (and ill have it for the rest of my life, and it wont bother me too bad)

This week has been AMAZING! my comp and i have had a change in our attitide about the work and we can see the blessings. we are talking to everyone we see. the sisters asked for a blessing because they were discouraged, so i shared my testimony about how i was discouraged when i got robbed and there wasnt a dry eye when i finished! we have this one investigator and we had a family night sunday and watched ephrams rescue (a member gave it to me) and by the end she shared her OWN testimony!  she said that the church is true!!! we had another lesson with a couple that dosent want to get married so we shared the plan of salvation and bore testimony and they are getting married Feb. 14!  we have another investigator who wont accept a date, but again we bore testimony and he accepted Feb. 6! We have been so blessed! Those were the highlights of my week, i love you guys!! Talk to you guys next week!

Friday, January 15, 2016

6 Month Mark on January 14, 2016

Parasites and Infection

This has been a super hard week, im not going to lie, pretty much i kept getting worse with my sickness so i spent monday, tuesday, wedsnday, and thursday at the hospital. they did more tests on me including a ultra sound, which was super wierd.ha. i found out that i have a parasite and a infection so they gave me some pills that are really helping!  i feel a lot better now! but a elder from my group (elder hicken) has been super sick like me, but for 1 1/2 months and he unfortunaltey had to end his mission, which is kinda sad.  we were blessed. i went out and worked thursday even when my stomach was still killing me, and we got 3...thats right 3 people with a baptism date! man we were so blessed! i had interviews with pres. this week and man i love that man! he is so amazing and he gives so much advice! and my comps. mastered in cooking so these past couple of days my comps cooked for us (some columbian dishes) and its super amazing!! so thats my week..i love you guys!! ill talk to you guys next week!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Surprise New Years Email..New Companion

well i guess i can write today, so new years was great! i got my new companion, he is from columbia, his name is elder marin and he is super awesome! we are going to get along just fine, ill get you a picture monday.  new years was cool, we had to be in our room by 8 and we got to sleep in so we slept in until 9 which was awesome!  i loved that poster from the primary it made my week! i cant believe its already 2016. ive been out for pretty much 6 months!! oh and we found three peruvians that speak pretty good english, so that was fun to talk with them. oh and we saw a robbery by our house it was so scary! there was a big van that pulled up to pick up three guys and when the door opened the three men grabbed a guy from the van and threw him to the ground and started beating him up and took his cell phone and his bag, and we were like 8 feet away from it...and i saw who the robbers were, and i am super good friends with them so that kinda made me feel sad for them but it was still scary. that has been my week. I love you guys and ill talk to you this monday!

Elder Moore