Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Well it was also another week. i had a member call me and tell me that he was going to come out with us..then 30min before he called and said he couldn't....wow. i did a work exchange with Elder Torres a guy from Ecuador. hes pretty sweet. his pension made us a BBQ chicken pizza, that was the best thing i have eaten in a long time! the next day my mission president came and looked at my room and told me that we need to switch rooms because our room right now is way too small! so we have been looking for new rooms this whole week which has sucked! then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and he is awesome, he did practises with us and gave us some super helpful tips.i gave a lady a baptism interview, the old little lady was so sweet, it was an enjoyable interview. its been hard because every new room that we have found has had something wrong with it, so i have no clue what we are going to do! we visited the mendoza family who are getting ready to get married and get sealed in the temple. so we watched a video on temples and they showed pictures of the sealing room, and other sacred rooms. and it made me think...how lucky are we to have this knowledge that families can be together forever...its just so amazing! then i contacted a lady and gave her a book of Mormon, later on she invited us to some Peruvian pastries...super nice lady. and i got the news that i am going to say in pimental! so i will be here another month and a half....yay. so for me that's been my week. Love you! and talk to ya next week!

Elder Moore

Monday, October 17, 2016

i also bought some BBQ sauce which was a great decision,.it helps me put down the food a bit easier here. by the beach, i ran into one of my favorite converts..Guisseppe which was sooo great.. i about tackled him in excitement. he is so flippin sweet. i also had interviews with my mission president which i always love them cause i walk out of his office feeling amazing! i lucked out with such a great mission president! and his wife is the nicest little lady in the world! later i met some people from San Fransisco so it was good to talk to them in English for a min! Last night the branch had a movie night and we watched meet the Mormons which was great! haha we had to buy a new toilet seat cause my old comp broke the last one so i spent like 30 min beating the old toilet seat with a wrench trying to get it off, when i found out that underneath there are 2 screws that take it off...i felt so dumb..haha 😝 then on Sunday during sacrament meeting, all the stake leaders came in and the stake president said that pimentel is now a ward, and everyone cheered so that was pretty sweet to see that. and we have found a golden investigator. his name is I. and that when we went to church yesterday he had all his doubts answered! soo great! he will progress greatly!  and being a district leader is great i love it! i get to go to different areas to work with the missionaries in my district as well as the zone leaders.  My favorite area has been Remigio silva which is dead center in Chiclayo, the pension was great, i had great comps, and the i have made some amazing friends there (Guisseppe is from that area). So from what i can remember, that has been my week. Have a great week! Love you!  

Elder Moore 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Oh and today i am now in the womb! nine months from today ill be flying home...crazy! Last Monday i got to make myself a PB&J sandwich which was amazing! later we made a American cake which was even more amazing! on Tuesday we had a recent convert tell us that he is starting to doubt his testimony about Joseph Smith which is scary. and there was a lady who lived with 10 dogs...crazy! i also did a work visit with a guy from Ecuador named Elder Erazo who is pretty sweet. We watched the restoration with juanita and nicole which was sweet the spirit was there for sure! haha then i had to check on some marriage dates for the assistants. conference was da bomb! it was 2 days of just relaxing and watching the prophets and apostles talk. but one of our investigators almost died last week due to some heath problems which is kinda scary but that just shows you that he still has a purpose in this life. So that's mainly been my week. sorry it was kinda boring. hopefully next week there will be more events that happen. Have a fantastic new week. Go and do some good this week. Love you.

Only nine months of his  mission left..silly Elder!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

so it was a okay week. but last Monday my friend and i got pizza hut which made my entire week! later that night we had a family night and they gave us pancakes!! so it was an American day! we had another family night and watched Legacy which is flippin amazing! later i had a work exchange with a elder from Trujillo named Elder Sanchez pretty sweet guy. we went running by the beach which felt awesome! then we took a bunch of pics by the beach. that night we had an activity and i got blindfolded and had to be guided by the "the spirit" which was pretty cool until i whacked my knee on a chair..haha. on Friday i got a phone call saying that a family that has listened to the other elders has came back from Lima and they want to be baptized tomorrow...so that was interesting. so on Saturday i went over and gave 4 people a baptism interview. but it all worked out. then on Sunday night i was threatened by a guy on drugs who got angry with me and crumpled up the picture of Jesus that i gave to him...then later threw it at me....that's why drugs are bad. so that's been my week for ya. you will be super happy, i sent lots of pictures this week! love ya!

Elder Moore