Thursday, August 25, 2016

so the main highlights from my week were on tuesday we had a mulit zone and my mission president talked about the second coming which blew my mind...i dont think we have any idea how close this event really is!! on tuesday i also hit day 400 😫 also my mission president came and taught with us for one lesson which was great! he is a awesome guy! but the main highlight from this week was that saturday i had 2 more baptisms! so great! their names are ana and luis. when luis bore his testimony he kinda went off on his whole lifes story...haha. but great none the less. below you can see a pic of the baptism, (dont mind me rockin the shades 😎😂) we also spent like 10 min picking off ticks from a dog, that dog had SOO many ticks!! so i think thats been a summary of my week. Love you!! 

Elder Moore

Saturday, August 13, 2016

so saturday i had a baptism!! The baptism was sooo stressful! nobody showed up (maybe like 4 or 5) and my mission president showed up, so that flipped me out a bit. the dude that baptized her didnt' know how to baptize so he baptized her like 12 times until he finally slammed her under the water. but overall it was pretty good. i also had a training on how to become district leader and my old comp trained me which was cool. My comp and i killed a big lizard with a broom throwing it like a spear..haha  and i bought some pretty sweet souviners by the beach. so basically thats been my entire week. super stressful, but we got a baptism!! Have a great week. Love you! 

Elder Moore

Monday, August 1, 2016

Elder Moore is now a district leader!

so last monday i was getting into a taxi and the driver took off when i was half way into the car!  i also had a chance to de-feather a couple ducks, then later gut them...super gross but also super sweet. we found a new investigator and she went off for like 10 min on how her house is possesed with demons, so that was kinda creepy. the same lady that we helped de-feather the ducks later invited us to eat with her and her family (they are members) there is also a photo below. on friday i did a work exchange with another elder from provo, and almost every person we talked to invited us to some kind of food...we ate soooo much i thought i was going to explode! the baptism for the 6th is still good! so we will have a baptism this saturday i got notified that i am the new district leader so im pretty pumped for that! I love you! and talk to ya next week. Love ya!