Tuesday, July 26, 2016

hope everythings going good!
 this week we put another baptism date! its for the 6th of august. her name is roxanna! I also found some cookies that are called santa claras haha santa clara... also one of our less actives gave us a bag of candy when we knocked the door, so it kinda felt like we were trick or treating. I also ate some street food which made me sick for a few days. we also ate some chicken hearts which were actually pretty good. While i was eating lunch at our pensions, they read to me all the new movies that have came out  😥...and ive got A LOT to catch up on! I love you!
Elder Moore

It was our pension's birthday.

Monday, July 18, 2016

One Year Mark!!!

( D&C 24:8) "when we have patience in our afflictions...the lord is always with us, even unto the end of our days"....but the best part is that we dont have a end of our days thanks to the attonment of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
My week has been okay, i bought a new suit that is soooo flippin legit! im scared to wear it...haha im only going to wear it to multi zone meetings, and when i come home...haha. speaking of funerals there are sooo many deaths here in pimentel, everyday i see about 4 or 5 different funerals. Angel and perla are doing good. I also cannot believe that i already have a year in the mission! so crazy! i found out that one of our investigators was the governor of Pimentel so that was kinda cool. This week has also been kinda rough, almost everyone failed, so it was a real trial on faith. we also bought hamburgers from the street and their burgers are a fried piece of ham 😑 so that sucked.. my life is treating me pretty great im here learning spanish and making other peoples lives better 😁.  Keep being strong, God loves you, The Lord loves you, and dont you ever forget that...I love you!

Elder Moore

Traditional One Year Burning of the Shirt

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Great Investigators This Week!

It has been a pretty dang good week, we have a couple living together named Angel and Perla, and we put a marriage date with them for the 29 of this month! But they had to leave church early yesterday so we have to move their baptism date 😫 but they will get baptized without a doubt! we were also teaching a crazy catholic lady, and her husband came in and yelled at us and kicked us out of his house, which was kinda interesting... on sunday in elders quorm we were betting on pics of the temple 😝 so i ended up buying one with a pic of the Trujillo temple that says, "families are forever" (pic below) so that was kinda funny/fun to bet of things in church. and the food here is pretty good, but i really miss american food! the things i eat the most here are: rice, eggs, and chicken. and the peruvians cook with soooo much oil!!! so thats basically been my week. I love you!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2016 Fourth of July in Pimentel

its been  a pretty good week, last Monday i got to see Elder Marin, one of my favorite comps. i also played bbal against my mission pres. which was kinda terrifying. i also had a great lesson about joseph smith with a couple investigators, when i was done explaining the first vision, there was not a dry eye in the room, so powerful! then we had a meeting in a place called Monsefu. then we went to a super nice house of the 1st councilor of the stake and ate burritos super sweet! then he took us back in his stoner van..haha 🚬 the next day my comp and i went running by the beach, so that's basically been my week.. I love you! and have a amazing week and i will talk to ya next week!