Monday, February 15, 2016

First Week in Jaen

it makes me sad but happy to see sparky! I'm glad that Ryan got his hat. YES, I got my package..thank you! I needed the socks and laces, and the candy was a nice surprise, as well as the letters from bri, brooke, and emma. 

Jaén is quite the place! there are mountains everywhere, and it's rained every day since I've been here! I came up at the perfect time because its winter up here...weird I know, but I love it! my new comp is pretty awesome too, he's such a hard worker and we are getting a lot done. the first person I talked to who was a reference has a date for the 27th of this month! our church still starts at 8, and we started super late yesterday but it was still a super good 3 hours.  there was a lady who was breastfeeding in the hallway. our pension is great! we literally live in the same house...kinda. she had an attachment put on her house for us and it's actually a nice room, and super nice that she is right there. they took all the sisters out because it is too far from president, and the bus ride was 7 1/2 hours..ugh! we're going  back down thursday and heading back up friday....UGH. 

over all Jaén is pretty sweet! I'm going to love this area! it's so green and we can buy coconuts that they cut open and you can drink the water with a straw..super cool! and before I left giusseppe and flora threw me a goodbye party, and there is a pic. of that...I love you guys!! talk to you guys next week!!!

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