Monday, March 28, 2016

Overlooking Jaen

So Monday night we went over and taught our investigator who works in coffee.  we felt inspired to teach the word of wisdom and he said that he dosent like to drink coffee anymore!! that was a blessing, it just reminds me how powerful God is!  he committed to live the word of wisdom!! that is the motivation that we needed! then that night we went to his store and he gave us this cold hot chocolate thing which was amazing! (picture below)  we also found out that there are NO changes so i will be with Elder Wallace another change which we are excited we will spend my b-day and mothers day together this change! 
my comp has a intolerance to lactose so he by accident drank the chocolate drink that had lactose so that made him super sick.  we stayed in the room all day which was kinda boring but i would rather have him be healthy then not work efficiently. So do you guys remember those puppies that we were taking care of... they got a super bad illness and 2 of them died :( which was super sad and today for pday we hiked up this huge hill to these radio towers and took pictures looking over Jaen (pics below) and that was my week. I love you guys and talk to you guys next week!

Elder Moore

Monday, March 21, 2016

Animals Must Like Nate...Attack of the Dog and Monkey

So this week has been quite interesting. we didnt have anything to do tuesday so we climbed a little mountian which was pretty cool to see the view of Jaen! i also got attacked by a dog the other day which was super scary (it didnt bite me) but it was dang close. i have found my new favorite food here its called carne seca (ill get a pic soon) look it up on google but i have it with lemon juice, onion, and a super spicy pepper...AMAZING!!  on friday president came up to give us interviews (he also brought up my package..thank you!!) dont worry, i havent opened anything. on sat we found these kids in the street selling carmel we bought one and they were dang good! that day our ward had a baptism! (the other elders) then on saturday night all the zone got together with president and ate was sooo much fun!!  today i took a pic with a monkey! the monkey later on attacked me which was kinda hey i can now say i got attacked by a monkey! so that was my week, we are still having trouble finding new people, but through diligent prayer and looking we will find them! I hope you guys have a great week and talk to you guys next week!! Love you guys!!!

Elder Moore

His new favorite Peruvian food

View outside his apartment

The yellow door is his apartment and this is the street he walks down each day

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pictures of His Pension, Where He Eats, Sleeps and Studies

This week has been kind of a struggle...but i finally got to use my umbrella for the first time in 8 months! That was kinda a neat experience. Tuesday my comp was sick so we couldn't leave the room for the entire day which was kinda boring but we just talked the entire day about trunky stuff (things about home) and that night we got a rain storm that was incredible! i have never seen it rain that hard in my entire life!! it rained like that for about 30 min. by the end all the dirt streets were destroyed and there were flat out rivers in the streets...and it was the first time that i have heard thunder and seen lightning here! the lightning was so close!!! Elder wallace and i stood out in the rain for like 6 min and we came back absolutely drenched!! haha and on friday, we got talking about how weird its going to be when we are dads.haha... and different ways to propose to our wives...hahaha the scary thing is that its not that far away! the rest of the week we were literally walking, trying to find new people. that is our biggest struggle, but with faith in the Lord we will find them. i finally got your pics..sorry its took so long! 1st, is where we sleep, 2nd is where we study. 3rd is where we eat every day. and the 4th is my pension. I love you guys!!! i hope you guys have a great week!!

Elder Moore

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pension's Puppies

ya i will call the office to let them know, thank you guys!!!! and thats nice that its spring break, and that is so true about how many people think that death is the end..its really sad. and sorry for the pics. i PROMISE i will get them next week!!

This week has been the adventure. Last monday night we call a call saying that my comp needed to be in chiclayo the next day, so tuesday he went to chiclayo and i stayed with a latino who his comp also went down to chiclayo...which was actually super fun! we got to teach so many cool people! Then when elder wallace came back my pensions dog had puppies so we have been taking care of them, i will also send a pic next week. it has been pouring rain crazy!! the streets have been flooded and we always come back drenched in mud...yay. They also fumigated our room, which is when a guy with a big gun that sprays chemicals in your room to kill all the bugs..but it smells TERRIBLE!! we also had a ward activity where we watched meet the mormons..but almost nobody showed up...and we found this new guy who runs a coffee shop, and we showed him the pic of when Christ visited the Americas, and we thought he would be blown away, but he started dissecting the all the different cultures and stuff which was pretty funny. so that was pretty much my week..I love you guys!!!!

Elder Moore

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Third Baptism...but Elder Moore Got to Perform this One!!

My week was amazing! we had the baptism on saturday and i had the chance to baptize her! it was so amazing!! i asked her how it felt when we got out of the font, and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said...wonderful!..the spirit was so strong! i got to go on a interchange for a day with elder tonga which was pretty cool, we got to talk a lot about talking to each other on facebook before our mission and all that stuff. Also on Sunday (yesterday) we were stopping by to say hi to this guy who owns a coffee shop, and we told him that the u.s. had better chocholate, so we got to go back and make chocholate with him! we got to do the whole thing from taking off the seeds that make chocholate and start from scratch! it was amazing! we also got to cut open our own coconuts and drink the water and eat the white part (i got pics) so ya that was my week i hope you guys have a great week! Love you guys!!!

Elder Moore