Monday, December 21, 2015

Second Baptism and The Gospel Brings Happiness!

This week has been amazing! we had a baptism!! after he shared his testimony that was so powerful!!  he said that he wants to be a example for his son, and wants to make heavenly father proud, and he was tearing was so powerful! that was the main highlight this week. oh and today we ate lunch at this restaurant with the ZLs and the hermanas (hna smith and her comp) so that was cool.  we got to go to this place called centro which is pretty much down town and there are tons of people there, so all the missionaries got  to go sing and was awesome. my zone went and sung white christmas. during this season i miss home like crazy! but after the baptism, there is no place i would rather be. its amazing how much happiness this gospel brings! other than that my week was pretty low key. just tons of walking. Love ya guys!

Elder Moore    (talk to you guys friday!!!!)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Mouse in our House and American Pizza

I need you to make me a skype account so we can skype in 25 days! i only have 2 more pdays then the next one is Christmas!

My week was super fast!! its already december!! this was the most stressful day of my life, i got your guys package sent today, it should be there by Christmas, and we found a mouse in our room! haha it was actually pretty funny, we spent like 15 minutes trying to get it out. oh and president williams came with us for a whole afternoon! talk about the most stressful afternoon of my life! he taught us so much though, and what we can improve on. our pensions been super sick, so her sister came with her little boy, and he is the most adorable thing in the world! he's so funny! we taught a bunch of lessons, oh and on sunday, we went to this ward council meeting that was for the stake, and they had the missionaries come and sing called to serve, and it was pretty awesome! all the members got up and started singing with us. today we found this american guy who owns a pizza place, so he opened up just for us and we ate super good pizza and talked to him in english. it was so good to talk to another fellow american (the pic is of us with the guy) and thats pretty much all i can remember this week, i love you guys so much! talk to you guys next week!!

Elder Moore

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Not a Dry Eye in the Room

Sounds like your week was quite filled, and yes i got my package! thank you!!! and ill try to get some of those things, i cant get anymore llama ties cause those are only in lima. but ill try to get some things shipped. and your questions my spanish is coming pretty good, still a couple things that are hard but its comin, and yes we have transfers a week from tomorrow and im not sure, elder goff might go., and my favorite thing living in peru is probaly the people, they are so humble and amazing (most of them)

and my week was slow, we gave lots of blessings this week, and not very many lessons, and i had inteviews with my mission pres, and that guy is amazing! and i had such a spiritual experience, we were teaching a lesson to our recent converts son who got mugged the other day (in my first area, scary) but i shared D&C 24:8 which talks about how we need to have patience and faith in the lord during our afflictions, and i told a story about after the 3rd time i got robbed my comp and i went back to our room, and we were just bawling because we were so discouraged, then we got down and prayed, and he wanted me to say it, so as i was trying to say it i said "father, please bless those men that they will find the path that thou are preparing for them, and we love them with all our hears." and after i finished, i was overcome with the spirit, my comp too,and we started crying tears of joy, because we knew we had patience and had faith, and after i shared that experience, there was not a dry eye in the room, so that was so amazing! and that was the highlight of my week, and these pictures of a christ statue we went to. have a great week and ill talk to you next week. Love ya!

Elder Moore

Investigator Fall Throughs

This week, nothing really big happened. it was just a calm week nothing big, but we got to go to a baptism of a investigator of the hermanas, and we brought one of our investigators with us so that was a awesome experience to have him see that. and we just taught a bunch of lessons, and one of our investigators always skips out on church, we have put 3 dates with him, and they have all fell through. so i dont know, he wants to get baptized, its just he wont come to church!! but ya. and im sorry i got something else about food. so for halloween, our pensons son bought us mcdonalds and dunkin dounuts!! so that was a nice halloween surprise, but ya thats all im talking about food. and my comp thinks that im gonna start training next transfet...ah! but ya that was my week, nothing too big, sorry. but i love you guys so much!! and mom, can you PLEASE get my ryans email i want to email him.

i love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a great week!!

Elder Moore    (and i finally snuck a pic. of my penson...half of her)

Nate's pension who cooks all of his meals.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Made Bricks and Helped Build a House.....

I am super excited to get those bears and hand them out, and ya i got the package from grandma so ill write her. 

My week went by so fast! we did a lot of service this week, we spent the entire morning and half the afternoon building part of a house, it was quite interesting. i felt like i was on the amazing race when they made those bricks in peru. i am still super sore from that and that was thursday! we had a stake conference with all of peru and bolivia, and we got to hear neil a anderson speak. i didnt know he spoke spanish. that was way cool to hear!  there was this creepy lady that stopped and talked to us one day, and she grabbed my hand and pulled me super close to her and she said..."your eyes are beautiful!...i want them!" and i kinda flipped but then she starred at me for about a min and she walked away. then i bought a water bottle and it was half drunken out of, with blood all over the outside so i had the lady get me a "fresh" bottle of water (that just made me realize im not in the states anymore) and also we were in the middle of a lesson and there were chickens running around the floor (also remembered that im not in the states). but ya, that was my week. i hope you guys have a great week, too! love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Moore

french toast for breakfast
my district
and a bear grandma sent me in her package (and that recording was great!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Food, Glorious Food...

I'm so glad to hear that grandpa came down and was able to spend time there, and you guys were able to do all that together!

Yes i got my package! thank you! it was much needed, and we drop our laundry off at a lady's house. she hand washes it, and it's usually ready in 2 days. Our baptisms in october are shaky.  We had to move one because he didn't come to church yesterday, but he still wants to get baptized.

This week has been so fast, madi is now in my district, so that's kinda cool, and a hermana in our district had her birthday this week, so my comp and i and her comp (madi) and her got together at a member's house and ate tons of cake! I found this one shop pretty close to our home, and it sells amazing cookies! 5 cookies for 1 sole (which is super cheap) and our penson has made us french toast twice this week with scrambled eggs and hashbrowns..amazing! On saturday we had a lesson with a less active, and after we made waffles with them (which i have a pic. of)  and they were some of the best waffles i have ever had! My comp brought nutella and peanut butter and all that good stuff and it was amazing! We were walking through the streets and all of the sudden a naked 6 year old kid started running aroung the street, so that was kinda awkward.

So ya that was my week, i hope you guys have an amazing week as well! i love you guys!!!

Elder Moore
I found this picture on Hermana Clegg's blog. Nate had talked about this in his letter.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference and Finally Some American Food

Thats good to hear all that information! And im excited for Ryan to come and visit you guys, when he comes, tell him he needs to write me. 

And this week has also flown by! we got our pension's son to run to a place called real plaza which is a place we cant go, and we paid him to go by Chilis for us! it was so good to have a good ole american hamburger again!  i felt you guys too when i was watching general conference, and general conference in the mission is amazing! we were all in this little room together in the stake center watching it on a little screen, and we all brought snacks and it was a party! i have a picture of all of us in the room together and my comp and i in a moto taxi on the way over to conference. there wasn'ft a lot this week since we were all focusing on conference. but i finally got my voice recorded for you guys so there ya go.  i hope you guys have a great week and i will talk to you guys next week! (and yes i got the cards, and yes i am feeling better from the hamgurger)

love you guys! 

Elder Moore
Riding to conference in a moto taxi.

Watching conference with his zone.

Lucky to finally have some american food. The burgers were from a Chili restaurant.
Playing soccer on p-day with his zone.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nate invited a girl to be baptized....and she accepted!

Nate's first baptism with his new companion Elder Goff

This is the pension's son that eats meals with them each day.

But oh man, this week went by sooo fast! this has been one of the best weeks i have had so far, even though the first half of the week i was battling a stomach infection from a bad peruvian hamburger, but Hermana Williams gave me some pills that helped so much. Then on tuesday we were in a lesson with a recent convert, and his sister who is not a member, and i got to teach most of that lesson which was awesome, then at the end i invited her to baptism...and she accepted! oh the spirit was so strong, and so now we have 3 baptisms in october! 

And on thursday i went on an interchange with a latino for a day, and my head hurt so bad after from trying to understand spanish for 24 hours. Then we were in a lesson and the mom started to breast feed, it was the most awkward moment of my life, i felt like that moment in grown ups. but i just have to remember thats their culture. 

we had a lesson with another recent convert, and modern music from america was playing so that was kinda fun to hear those songs again. the baptism on saturday was AMAZING! there was not a dry eye in the room cause the spirit was so strong, and after the baptism they brought out cake and inka kola, and we were fasting so we couldnt have any, so i started to cry tears of sadness (not really...haha) but it did suck, cause everyone kept offering us food and we had to turn it down. 

But  ya that was my week, and i got a picture of us at the baptism with antonio (the guy who we baptized) and him and his wife are so nice, they always give us full out meals whenever we stop by. and i got one of our pensions son, who always eats meals with us. But ya that was my week, i hope you guys have a good week too! i love you guys so much!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Third Times a Charm...Yup..Robbed Again, Another Emergency Transfer, New Companion, and Baptisms Lined Up. He Sounds Great!

Im so glad to hear that about frank and noah and everything, and i dont have noahs email so could you give it to me?

And this has been another long week. it started off good, then on tuesday night we were finishing contacting, and we got robbed...again! this time he took my watch, and he tried to take my bag but i didn't let him. we went back to the room and called president, and we got another emergency transfer, but this time he split elder romrell and i up, so now i'm with elder goff in chiclayo central. i have to admit, it has been a huge blessing in my life. my new area is amazing, the people are wonderful, the area is so much nicer, and we have 3 baptisms! one on saturday, and 2 on october 17! i'm so excited! my new comp is so cool too, he´s from highland, utah so that helps a bit.

And my appartments a lot nicer too, we actually have hot water, and the space is tons bigger. and our penson is the best, her food is amazing, and her son who is like mid 40´s eats and talks to us, and he is flippin awesome. i will get you a picture of them next week, along with my comp. i do miss elder romrell but i can tell my new comp and i are going to get along just fine, we always play monopoly after we plan, and last night we stayed up telling dumb jokes, so its going to be a fun couple months with him. 

haha and one of our investigatores who is getting baptized always gives us food when we stop by, the first time was inka kola and soda crackers, and the second time was some amazing sandwiches. yesterday we gave a blessing to this old sick lady, and i had the privledge to do the annointing of the oil...that's right in spanish. it was such a amazing experience, and the spirit was sooo strong. 

we were teaching another less active about temples and family history work, and when i was talking about family history, i could feel that grandma was there too. and we watched a video about temples and it showed the st george temple, ah it was so hard to see that. 

and today for p day we went into town to this outside mall, and it was so packed, it reminded me of the cruises to mexico seeing all the shops around and people coming up to you trying to sell you stuff. we just bought some stuff we needed, and we went to this restraunt,, it was soo good! we got hamburgers....peruvian hamburgers, and they are soo much better than american hamburgers. they brought it out, and it had about 30 huge french fries, and the hamburger was huge too. it had two peruvian meat patties, a fried egg, and bacon...that's right bacon! oh my, and it had this spicy peruvian sauce that made it ten times better. then we got ice cream which was a bad idea cause we were already stuffed, and the ice cream was huge and amazing too. so now i think i have diabetes for life after that meal. and it was only 10 soles! 

so my new area is amazing, and i know i'm going to be safe in this area. so that was my week, i hope you guys have an amazing week too! here are some pictures of my new apartment and stuff like that. i love you guys so much!! 

Elder Moore

Monday, September 14, 2015

Robbed Again by Four Men in Hoodies

yes i got my packages! thank you so much! i loved them!! that's awesome that candy bomber guy came!

And this week has also been not the best. it started off great and we were doing tons of work. our investigators were doing great. oh and durring one of our lessons, this young girl (about 16) came up and kissed me on the cheek, and i didn't know what to do, so that was kinda awckward. Then our week kept going good, then friday it all went down hill...we were walking home from our last appointment, and there were these four men in hoodies walking down the street. they split off and one grabbed each of us and the other two searched everything. so yes we got robbed again! two times in one week! So we called president williams, and we had to get an emergency transfer so now we are in a different area. it's not that far from our old one, and it's just as dangerous but i know that the lord is with us. we spent all of saturday moving all of our stuff out of our old room and into our new one. our new room is pretty big, its bigger than the last one. we got a new pension, and she is flipping amazing. her food is da bomb! but we figured out that we are getting a new one TOMORROW(tuesday) so that kinda sucks. But now where eever we walk, i am so afraid that someone is going to try and rob us again, night time is especially the worst. i'm not going to lie, ive about had it, this whole week and still a little bit now, i just feel like curling up in a ball and doing nothing but i know there is work to be done, and that we were put in this new area for a reason. 

So back to your questions, yes i have ridden in a moto, and it's crazy, and they are usually 2.50 soles.  yesterday our pension gave us white bread...that's right white bread! and wait it gets had jelly on it! oh my, it was so amazing!! and my favorite meal here is papa´s fritas.. which is fried chicken under a plate full of french fries.! 

But after that it's been okay. not really anything too cool. and i'm sorry we are at a new internet, so i dont want to risk getting a virus and have it erase all my pictures so i'm going to wait till next week to send pictures.  i hope you guys have a great week, and i love you guys so much!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Elder Moore...Robbed and Attacked by a Dog

Im not going to lie, this has been the hardest week so far on my mission! I was struggling with spanish all week, then on Thursday, we were walking to our next apointment, and we got robbed. it was probaly one of the most scariest things of my life, and i wanted to do something but you cant. We are alright though, he didnt hurt us, all he took was our phone. so that made my week worse. Then last night i got attacked by a dog, he didnt bite me though he just bit my shoe. I am so thankful for all the Lord does for us! I have been soo home sick this week! but my comp has helped me so im starting to get over it. 

But ya that was my week, so my area is Campodonico, and i dont know my street name. We are about 10 min by taxi from the mission home, and i have not gotten my packages yet. My comp is awesome, he is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. and when we type emails, we go to a little run down internet shack. and sometimes i do miss the ccm, but i would rather be out in the field. Today we went to tottus, which is pretty much like a wal mart, so for about 40 min, it felt like i was in america. We ate at a restraunt and we had fried chicken, and it came with french fries, then there was a place selling mcdonalds ice cream so i got a mcflurry, and i about cried, it was so amazing! i am seriously trying my hardest to get you pictures, but i love you guys so much!!!! I will talk to you guys next wed. love you guys!!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

First letter from Chiclayo..Everything is AMAZING and AWESOME!

I'm glad you got the package and that everyone liked their gifts. oh man this week has been so awesome! chiclayo is amazing and i love my trainer! he has helped me so much this week. i am really struggling with the language, i just cant seem to get it down, but i know that it just takes time, and faith. my penson (who cooks our food) is amazing! she is so nice and her food is so amazing. our room is pretty nice too for chiclayo. its just big enough for us 2 to live in, and my whole area is 85 precent dirt road so that is always a humbling experience. i love our investigators! they are so awesome, and they always give us amazing food. my trainers name is Elder Romrell. he will be out a year in november. time is kinda going by fast, but not at the same time. oh and its super hard to send pictures outside of the ccm computers so you may not recieve a lot of pictures, im so sorry but i will try my best to send some. im doing amazing! even though there are some days where i just miss home like crazy! my district is great too! the district leader was TJs ccm comp. so thats kind a cool. i am loving it so far, once i get more of the language down, its gonna be a lot funner. every thursday night we always have game nights at the church. the bishop is so freakin nice, i just love my first area. we live next to a pretty dangerous part where missionaries get robbed, but we should be fine. im doing amazing and ill talk to you guys next monday, i love you guys!!!!!!!!!! (and ill try to send pictures when i can, it may be a while tho)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last Week at the Lima CCM

So this week has been so fast and my ankle is fine, the medics here messed up so its not cracked thank goodness! i did do some ligament damage, and no im not on crutches anymore but i have like a compression wrap that i use.  i leave tuesday morning at 2 am for the airport to fly to chiclayo. it's crazy that's i'm pretty much done with the CCM and i don't know if i get to write when i get to chiclayo or if i have to wait till a week from monday which is my next pday.

This week has been crazy but is still the same schedule here which is driving me insane! there is nothing really to write about. but we got to do a service project which was kinda fun. they just had us wipe a lot of chairs down and that's about it. on sunday my district sang a special musical number which was praise to the man and we sang the first 3 verses in spanish, then took a pause and sung the last verse in english which made it way more spiritual! we also got to watch ephriams rescue too which i forgot how amazing that movie is! oh and because of my sickness and my foot i've gained 14 pounds already! hopefully i can lose some in the field, i should be able to, it's just every meal we eat here...the entire meal is pure carbs so that makes it kinda hard. 
today we got to go through the lima temple (which i sent a picture of) for the last time for 2 years. that temple is so tiny, but SO beautiful!! this time i listened to it in spanish instead of translating it into english, and i could understand most of what was going on so that gave me some hope for the field. 
here are a couple of pictures, the one with the guy is the janitor here. he is hilarious so i had to get a picture with him! i hope you guys have a great week. i love you guys!
        Elder Moore

Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Bronchitis now a Cracked Ankle???

I LOVE that picture of you guys! that is an awesome picture! But this week has also been super hard, because now right after i get over my bronchitis, i put a crack in my ankle :/ i was playing soccer and me and another kid collided and i ended up landing on my ankle wrong. i don't know what i'm going to do.  i ended up walking in Lima today not knowing it was cracked until i got back to the CCM but this is really going to challenge my faith. other than that this week has been amazing! even though i am getting super bored of being in here, i only have 2 more weeks! i can't believe that i've already been gone a month! on saturday
 they took us out proselyting for 6 hours which was quite the experience. it was good to get out and see what the real world was going to be like. it was elder wright and i with a latino that had been out for about 22 months. we first stopped by this inactive ladies house and to get there we had to walk like a mile down this ghetto dirt road, during the lesson, i didn't really say anything. so when we got out of the lesson and went to the next ladies house, he handed me a paper about faith and enduring to the end, and said "ok elder are you ready because your teaching the next lesson" which freaked me out because he had been teaching her for about 4 weeks, and he trusted me to teach a lesson to her. i followed the spirit and opened my mouth, and i actually did pretty good. then we went back to his apartment for like 20 min for a bathrooom break, and he gave elder wright and i 2 of his ties, and they are nice ties! then we walked around lima for a couple of hours and went back.
But this week has been absolutley amazing (except my ankle). and yes i got you and dad some scripture cases and dad some ties. that's crazy about your class and dad, i loved your letter. when i read it today (wednesday) i got a little emotional, i loved what you said about happiness, because i was having a rough day and that made it a lot better! one of the pictures im sending you is an elder called elder noel, he left tuesday for his mission, but he helped me so much in the CCM. i didn't think that it would be so hard to say goodbye to somebody you only knew for 4 weeks, but he's the one in the peruvian jersey.  i'm also sending you a picture of my district, and elder wright and i on a city bus in lima.  I love you guys so much!!!!! i'll talk to you guys next wednesday.
Mom I cracked my ankle playing soccer...

Elder Moore's District

Riding a bus in Lima

Elder Moore and Elder Noel

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Awesome Spiritual Experiences! Week 3: Taken to the Hospital by Mission President.

Week 2
Oh my gosh this week has been crazy, but fast and slow. ill start off with a awesome spiritual experience i had this week, so on friday, elder wright and i had to teach our 3rd lesson, and it went awful, i couldn’t remember any spanish, so when the lesson was done, i walked outside and threw my book on the ground and started to cry, i was so discouraged, but luckily my comp and some of the guys from my district were there to calm me down and put there arm around me and show me compassion. our teacher who is also our investigator knew that i was having a hard time, so he came out and pulled me off to the side and we started with a prayer, and then he stood up and said it is against the rules to give you a hug, but I’m going to give you one anyway, so he gave me the biggest hug, and during that hug, i could also feel grandma there too giving me a hug, and he told me that i am an inspiration to him it was such and amazing moment. But that was so rough! So the next day elder wright and i fasted for about 20 hours to help us learn the language.It was so amazing and spiritual, and yesterday we taught our 4th lesson, and during the lesson, i was able to just speak spanish, i spoke spanish that i didn’t even know, so i know that through our fasting and faith in god and jesus christ, that the gift of tounges is real, so that was my amazing spiritual experience. 

So now to go on to the rest of my week, i got my first cold in peru, ive actually had it for about a week and a half, but it just seems to get worse, but i know that my district is here to give me a blessing if i need it, and our district split too, because we have so many people in it, it was kinda sad, but it will be good this way we can learn spanish faster. on thursday we went to finalize our citizenship and there was this crazy german guy who was yelling at us for being on our mission saying things are wasting your time you should be helping the pentagon, and that the queen of england is controlling the drug trade and she controls everything, and that christ was a alien and all of this bull crap, so i finally got tired of hearing him so i said adios, and he said no no adios, you guys are the sinners. so ya that was my Thursday. oh and I’ve already written 2 talks in spanish, i just need to give them now...yay. on monday, our whole district got together and we sang a bunch of hymns in english and it was without any music, and we actually sounded pretty good, the spirit was so strong there too. oh and i had my first opprotunity to ride a city bus which sucked! they pack those things so tight, and everyone is 1 inch from each others face, I’m not kidding that’s really how it is! oh and i have already made my first tie trade with elder the pictures i send he’s the one with all the ties around his neck. my schedule goes like this...7 is breakfast, 8 to 9 is additional study, 9 to 10 is physical activity 1045 to noon is class noon to 1245 is lunch 1 to 3 is class 315 to 415 is tall which is a language learning program 415 to 6 is class 6 to 645 is dinner 7 to 9 is more class unless we teach investigators that night. so ya that’s my week, and in the pictures, the big latino, his name is oliveres. he was my favorite he would always make me laugh. i hope you guys have a great week and ill talk to you next Wednesday. love you guys!
                                                  Elder Moore 

Week 3
Ah man this week has tested my faith so much! It turns out that i have had bronchitis for 2 1/2 weeks :/ and last wednesday it started to get really bad, i hardly got any sleep and i was just coughing up a lung 24/7. it was one of the longest weeks of my life! last wednesday hermana gonzales (the CCMs presidents wife) had a tube that i would put in my mouth and inhale fumes for 20 min 3 times a day for 3 days, and it didn’t do jack squat!! so on Saturday night i had to go to the hospital with the gonzalezs. so the nurse came in and luckily she spoke english so she was nervous cause she thought i had phnemonia cause it was so bad, so they took me in to get xrays and luckily it came out clean, but she said to be careful because phnemonia could still develop, but I’m praying it wont! they ended up giving me some antibiotics and some cough medicine, and luckily that has helped a little bit but I’m still coughing...but not as much. i have fell back on spanish because i had to sit in my room and try to get better for a couple of days, but that didn’t help either. I’m hoping that it will be gone soon! elder wright gave me a blessing so hopefully that will help, too. Sunday was pretty good, since it was fast sunday, we had a testimony meeting, and testimony meetings in MTCs are one of the most spiritual things that i have ever been to, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I’m so glad that i had the opportunity to attend that! we got to hear 2 apostles speak (a recording of course) i love what elder holland said. he said, ´´on your mission make sure that you get at least one convert, and that convert is yourself.´´ that quote really hit me because i know that I’m out here to serve the Lord, but I’m also out here to become a better person, and these past 21 days have changed me so much it’s scary!! yesterday (tuesday) we had a live broadcast from the Provo MTC, which was awesome!  we got to hear from president russell m. nielson, and when it’s a live broadcast, there is way more spirit in the room because you know that it is going on as you speak. he gave really good advice on missions. i figured out that our first week in chichlayo, elder bednar is coming in person to speak with us in the mission home! i am so excited for that!! thank you so much for the package! i was having a super rough day, and then i heard that i had a package from my parents and the rest of my day was amazing! could you send me a jump rope, chick fila sauce, honey mustard, bbq sauce, and just american candy, i already miss it! i cant send a package for a while cause you cant send packages here in the CCM and i still have to find christ stickers, so it will be awhile, sorry:/ but i promise I’ll get you one!
And on Monday elder wright and i taught M, and her story is that she was pregnant, and her boyfriend and her got in a fight and he pushed her and killed the baby, so we taught her the plan of salvation and how she will be able to see her baby again, but she took the commitment we gave her to read Moroni 8:17 which talks about how little children are saved through the atonement of Jesus Christ, and during the lesson i had SO many impressions to speak and say what was on my mind, but i didn’t know how to translate them in english, i was so temped to just ditch spanish and talk in english but the spirit was still way strong and the lesson went great! on saturday, they are taking us out in the middle of lima and they drop us off with missionaries in the field, and we get to go proselyting for 6 hours! I’m excited to finally get out and talk to real investigators, but I’m also super nervous because my spanish still needs work, but what better way to learn than to experience it first hand! i found that panton bread with the fruit you guys were talking about, and it is amazing! i sent a picture of me with it, as well as the soccer fied we play on every day (and my soccer skills have increased pretty good already haha).i hope you guys have a great week and I’ll talk to you guys next wednesday i love you guys so much!  Elder Moore

Nate and his companion Elder Wright

First tie trade with Elder Harper