Tuesday, June 13, 2017

wow congrats on the job! i honestly cannot believe how fast time has gone!
last week i spent pday with the branch presidents family cause today i am going to lambayeque to spend my last pday so last pday we chilled with them. we bought apples and put them in buckets of water and had to bob them and just fun games like that. then that night i gave a investigators son a blessing.
Tue. the entire morning we had to go to the office so my comp could to some visa work, so while we were waiting the assistants had us pull weeds....so ya. 
wed. i had district meeting and i figured out that one area left their area (that takes 20 min to get to the meeting) that they just left...uuggh! but it still went good. then i did a work visit with Elder Chilon in his area...and their area is HUGE!! poor guys. 
Thu since in chilons area they don't have a pension so we ate american cereal for breakfast which was pretty good. then the whole time we were supposed to study we just talked about home. that afternoon my comp and i were walking in morrope by a super poor area and we saw a little girl pooping in the street...that image willl NEVER be erased from my memory, it was gross but it was also sad. 
Fri. Rossy came over with the pension and we planned for my farewell, then later i planned with angeles, and tereza on how we were going to get at maritza for her bday.
that night we taught some investigators named santiago and norma and they accepted for the 29th of July so now we have 4 with date! 
Sat. we helped the pension move sand.
Sun i went around taking pics with everyone so i can print them off today while im in lambayepe i was going to send the pics but i forgot my cord to send it...but illl be home in a week anyway so whats the diffrence? so thats been my week. so i guess ill see and hug you guys NEXT WEEK!!!  you guys!

Elder Moore

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

no i don't think i will write that last day. so the next letter you write me will be the last! and my comp decided to stay! so i was happy about that! next week for my last pday i will go look for shirts, i still don't know what i want to get that family. 15 days crazy! and ya that's sweet if Juli wants to come!

so last Tue. we went to a reference from a member that is a ancient investigator but he was pretty cool, after he gave us some pretty good empenadas. and pretty much the whole day we spent walking around. we went to go ask the pension for references, but she gave us cheese umitas which were amazing! that night rossy tried to throw beans in my mouth...she couldn't do it.
Wed. i gave my class which went okay, then i did a exchange with my mtc comp elder wright we were in my area, and that guy literally talks to every person he sees, so we were super late to some appointments. when we left lambayeque we stopped at a store and bought some coco balls which were flippin good! then later that day we bought some churos.
Thu. in the morning we found wasps making a nest in our room. so elder wright took a broom and chucked it at the nest of wasps, so we both ran for it. luckily we didn't get stung, and we killed the wasps. then that day i bought a good lookin watch to come home with. but it was too big for me so rossy and i tried to fix it using a needle...didn't work. so later that night she took measurements of my wrist and she took it to get it fixed...total homie! she also gave me 2 rocks that has her name on it and that say Morrope. 
Fri. we had to go to the office in chiclayo so my comp could talk with President Williams about going home, and they talked for a long time! he called his parents and at the end he decided not to go, but he is a bit sad about staying, now he realizes he still has 19 months left and i have 2 weeks. so i think that's a bit hard on him. that afternoon angeles tried spoiling new movies for he after wrestling a bit, i didn't hear what she had to say...haha. and rossy also broke my shoe lace trying to show me how she ties shoes..haha and while we were talking 2 dogs got in a fight and came in and fought in the house where we were at....scary! 
Sat. we did weekly planning. then rossy came over and started cooking with the pension i kept trying to see what it was but she (rossy) wouldn't let me see. she ended up making me lunch that she promised me, and it was flippin good! (pic below) then i had to help the husband of the pension carry bags of corn up stairs (pic below). that entire afternoon we just got rejected hard core so that kinda sucked. 
Sunday we went to church also walked a ton, that night i talked to tereza, angeles and maritza about plans for pday. so i think that been my week love you guys!!

Elder Moore

Thursday, May 25, 2017

lets see....last pday rossy wanted to look at my photos, so we sat down and looked at all my photos that i have from my mission. then maritza and i made a bet, but we both broke it. so we got to do each others hair how we wanted to...haha (pic below) then it was the branch presidents sisters birthday so she invited us to lunch and we all ate together which was fun. that night we had a family night with rossy, her brother and a couple other members..(bic below).
Tue. while we were waiting for the branch president to come out with us noemi and i had a contest to see who's signature was better...although its sad that a 8 year old girl beat me...but ya. then we had a lesson with a girl named juldi...she literally talked for like 1 1/2 hours strait....uggghhh. 
Wed. i did a work visit with Elder Bravo he is a good guy, we had 2 lessons that were both over an hour long...and he didn't let me talk once during them both which made me mad. we had a lesson with a family and the dad was a complete jerk, while we were teaching he would blast his music, and he ended up kicking us out of his house. 
Thu. Elder bravo and i messed with some dumb animals...there was a cow, a couple turkeys, and a couple sheep. we made a cow sound....and the turkeys gobbled....then we made the turkey sound...and the sheep made their sound..uhh but it was super funny. then that day we had the gran opportunity to hear from Elder Godoy of the seventy which was great he focused on the atonement and he blew my mind. great to be in the presence of a general authority! that night my comp and i talked for a long time cause my comp feels like he should go home. so we talked for a long time! 
Sat.. in the morning we had to go to chiclayo so my comp could talk to president williams about his desires of going home. but he has fasted and prayed and he feels like he should go home...so im pretty sure that next week he will be gone. 
sun. that night i just chilled and talked to angeles and tereza and they messed with my hair again. and i figured out that i am finishing my mission here in morrope. so that been my week...love you guys!!!

Elder Moore

Monday, May 15, 2017

a cafe rio.....sweet!! and it was great to talk to you guys too!
so i didn't talk a lot about my week yesterday...so.
Last Wed. it was the last district meeting for 2 elders in my district so i had them bear their testimonies at the end and their testimonies were amazing! after i started  a exchange with Elder Bond and i stayed in Morrope. it was my day 666 so i thought i was going to be pure bad luck. but all the day we were in lessons, so i think it was a pretty good day. but we did go by one guy...while we were going to his house i heard his son say..."dad its the missionaries...RUN!" and we saw him as he just turned the corner in his house...and when we asked if he was there..they said that we was not..😐.
Thur. i had interviews with the mission presidents which i always love those as i have already mentioned! he told me that i was going to finish my mission here which i am super excited for! then the assistants checked our agendas to see if we are using them how we should.
Fri. i did another exchange with Elder Rodriguez in his area. the entire morning we cleaned the baptism font for the baptisms that they were going to have which was fun. then i gave 2 baptism interviews to 2 of his investigators. and it was the first time in my missions that someone that i interviewed wanted a picture with me...so that was cool. that night we had a lesson with the guy who was going to get baptized, in the house of the 1st councilor of the district presidency...and he is a funny guy. Elder rodriguez goes home in a week. so he left his farewell book so they could sign in it. and the 1st councilor looked through 20 magazines until he found a pic of a black baby and put it in his farewell book..HAHA (cause elder rodriguez is black)...haha then i returned to my area that night. that night maritza and angeles taught me some math..ha
Sat. the branch was going to have a mothers day activity so Rossy and our penion came over and were making cakes for the activity. so i had a cake batter fight with them which was awesome! then we got invited to the activity so we went and it was pretty cool. after we were doing weekly planning and our pension called me downstairs, when i came downstairs. Rossy blindsided me and attacked me with frosting for revenge from the fight in the morning...haha. I'm gonna miss the members here they are so cool! 
Sun. our pension went out of town for a day. so we ate lunch with the branch president, his wife, and his son. then skyping was amazing...so ya. Love you guys!!

Elder Moore
(the pics are from the museum)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

so about skype, i will be skyping sunday at 4 (thats peruvian time) so i have no clue what time that is there like 3 or 2 
but i will be skyping at 4 peruvian time. and i will look for that shoulder bag for you.
so last pday we celebrated the bday of tereza and angeles (the branch presidents daughters) pic below.
Tue. to start off for 2 weeks we have been looking for a refrence from the pension, and we havent been able to find 
his house. so tuesday we were walking and i felt like i should go knock a house that was on a corner. i went and 
knocked it only to find his wife who has been waiting for us...so im so thankful that i listened to that prompting! that
 afternoon we taught 3 families we found (the lesson we were all together) and 2 of the moms whos names are Berta 
and Maria accepted baptism for the 3rd of June! they are great! after president and his wife took us in their moto, 
its like half a motorcycle with a truck bed attached to it...if you can picture that. so we were in the back with his wife,
 and we had to go up and down big sand hills and it felt like we were on a rollercoaster...just without saftey. that night
 i helped maritza and angeles with their english homework. then we passed by a couple named alex and luz who are
 great. alex had his date and everything. we passed by only to find alex drunk 😑
Wed. i did my class. then i did a exchange with a new elder named Elder Pineda from Florida. we went by Berta
 and she told us the owner of her land got upset and was going to kick them off and they were going to loose
 their homes. but we had a great lesson about the plan of salvation. and for these last couple days we have
 been praying for them and their house. on Sat. we passed by to find out the owner changed his mind...prayer
 works! so ya later that afternoon (still on wed.) we passed by alex and luz to talk to them. they invited us to
 tuna and crackers and we talked for like 20 min. then alex said we is moving to work..:( so we have lost him,
 we left him with a book of mormon so he could take it with him, hopefully he does whats right. that night angele
s (presidents daughter) and i had a paper sword fight which was way fun! 
Thu. in the morning we went to Elder Pinedas area to finish the exchange and we spent a big chunk of time in
 their room telling jokes...haha. that night all of presidents daughters and family wanted to do a paper sword fight.
 so we all got togehter and we had a huge battle all of us which was also way fun! 
Sat. we helped the pension move sand for a hour, then we had to go to lambayeque cause i had to give a baptism
Sun. we went by a investigator in the morning to get him for church. but his son came home drunk saturday night
 and broke the glass on their door, then ran off, we passed by at 8:30am and his son still had not returned. so he
 had to wait for his son to come home. just kinda sad. then we did a huge visit we got the president, his wife, a
 member named alex and his sister Rossy. and we just went and visited 3 people.
Monday (yesterday) we helped the pension move sand again. and we went and chilled and talked to tereza and
 angeles and ate watermelon for a little bit. then we did a family night with a recent convert named orlando. so
 for the most part i think that has been my week. Love you guys! cant wait to see you guys sunday!

Elder Moore
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

i don't know exactly all the info yet for skype. but i just want you and dad there. and i will look for one of those bags. so last pday was awesome! we went to lambayeque and played soccer with the district which was a blast!
Tue. we had a mulit zone which was also way fun, although i did say goodbye to a lot of my friends that i wont see again before i go home...kinda sad. but it was a great multi zone! Wed. i did a exchange with Elder Wright he was my MTC comp so that was cool to work with him again. we contacted a  guy..we taught him the book of mormon, he himself read 3 scriptures out of it....when we tried to give it to him, the thought it was in english😑 then he was like.."oh so it starts with Genesis, then  Exodus, etc" so we had to explain again that its NOT the Bible...uuugggghhhThu. the branch president invited us to lunch again, we ate like rice soup with shrimp... 
Fri. we were passing by the branch presidents, and i played soccer with 2 of his daughters. sat. the pensions son got baptized, and he wanted me to do it! so i had the pleasure of baptizing him! then we had a huge lunch with half the  branch, way fun! Sun. it was the birthday of tereza and angeles (they are the branch presidents daughters) so we got eggs, water, flower,etc and we had a complete battle, also way fun! so i think that's been my week. Love you guys!!

Elder Moore