Wednesday, July 22, 2015

First Letter from Peru CCM 7-22-15

Nate and the missionaries who flew out of St. George.

Nate and his CCM companion, Elder Wright.

These are the missionaries who are in Nate's dorm room at the CCM.

Hola mi familia!
I don’t know where to start, this has been the longest week of my life! The flightover here took forever it wasn’t bad until we got to Atlanta, then the flight from Atlanta to Peru was 7 hours! But we finally got there and we had to wait another hour and a half to get all of our luggage, and the bus ride over to the CCM was another hour so we didn’t get to the CCM until around 3 am, and didn’t get to bed around 430, but they let us sleep in till 7:30. And the first day in the CCM was the longest day of my entire life, it would never end, it was 4:00 and it felt like 9 at night but it finally ended and after still went by pretty slow. But I finally made it through my first week! The food is great! It’s some of the best food I have ever had! My district is amazing they are so nice, and my room is pretty awesome too! The one elder that we met in St. George (not elder Ence) but the other one, he is in my room and he is one of the funniest guys I have had the pleasure of knowing! Just being in the CCM for 1 week has built my testimony so much, and I am learning so much. I have spoken more spanish in this week than I have my 2 years of spanish class! Today was awesome too! We got to go through a session in the Lima temple which was such a testimony builder! We had to go through the veil speaking spanish which was an amazing experience! My companion is good too, I know that I was suppose to be with him for a reason. I’m already tired of classes and I still have another 590 hours left of class these next 5 weeks :/, but I know they are good for me. The teachers are amazing too, you can just tell they have so much love for you and they are trying their best to help you succeed, and the natives too they are so nice and helping. We try to sit next to them at meals and talk to them in spanish to help my spanish. I cant take pictures in the CCM but ill get you pictures of my room and everything when I get into the field. I love you guys and I’ll talk to you next Wednesday!!     Love, Elder Moore

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  1. That funny guy he is talking about it my Aaron! Made me grin from ear to ear! Aaron's first letter was great too. He said " I miss home so much but every time i feel like im at my breaking point something happens and I know i can make it." I just have to ask if you edited Nate's letter . . . if not feel lucky to have caps and punctuation. :) I am feeling way to busy to do a blog, but I will enjoy and comment on yours! Thanks for doing it!!