Thursday, August 6, 2015

Awesome Spiritual Experiences! Week 3: Taken to the Hospital by Mission President.

Week 2
Oh my gosh this week has been crazy, but fast and slow. ill start off with a awesome spiritual experience i had this week, so on friday, elder wright and i had to teach our 3rd lesson, and it went awful, i couldn’t remember any spanish, so when the lesson was done, i walked outside and threw my book on the ground and started to cry, i was so discouraged, but luckily my comp and some of the guys from my district were there to calm me down and put there arm around me and show me compassion. our teacher who is also our investigator knew that i was having a hard time, so he came out and pulled me off to the side and we started with a prayer, and then he stood up and said it is against the rules to give you a hug, but I’m going to give you one anyway, so he gave me the biggest hug, and during that hug, i could also feel grandma there too giving me a hug, and he told me that i am an inspiration to him it was such and amazing moment. But that was so rough! So the next day elder wright and i fasted for about 20 hours to help us learn the language.It was so amazing and spiritual, and yesterday we taught our 4th lesson, and during the lesson, i was able to just speak spanish, i spoke spanish that i didn’t even know, so i know that through our fasting and faith in god and jesus christ, that the gift of tounges is real, so that was my amazing spiritual experience. 

So now to go on to the rest of my week, i got my first cold in peru, ive actually had it for about a week and a half, but it just seems to get worse, but i know that my district is here to give me a blessing if i need it, and our district split too, because we have so many people in it, it was kinda sad, but it will be good this way we can learn spanish faster. on thursday we went to finalize our citizenship and there was this crazy german guy who was yelling at us for being on our mission saying things are wasting your time you should be helping the pentagon, and that the queen of england is controlling the drug trade and she controls everything, and that christ was a alien and all of this bull crap, so i finally got tired of hearing him so i said adios, and he said no no adios, you guys are the sinners. so ya that was my Thursday. oh and I’ve already written 2 talks in spanish, i just need to give them now...yay. on monday, our whole district got together and we sang a bunch of hymns in english and it was without any music, and we actually sounded pretty good, the spirit was so strong there too. oh and i had my first opprotunity to ride a city bus which sucked! they pack those things so tight, and everyone is 1 inch from each others face, I’m not kidding that’s really how it is! oh and i have already made my first tie trade with elder the pictures i send he’s the one with all the ties around his neck. my schedule goes like this...7 is breakfast, 8 to 9 is additional study, 9 to 10 is physical activity 1045 to noon is class noon to 1245 is lunch 1 to 3 is class 315 to 415 is tall which is a language learning program 415 to 6 is class 6 to 645 is dinner 7 to 9 is more class unless we teach investigators that night. so ya that’s my week, and in the pictures, the big latino, his name is oliveres. he was my favorite he would always make me laugh. i hope you guys have a great week and ill talk to you next Wednesday. love you guys!
                                                  Elder Moore 

Week 3
Ah man this week has tested my faith so much! It turns out that i have had bronchitis for 2 1/2 weeks :/ and last wednesday it started to get really bad, i hardly got any sleep and i was just coughing up a lung 24/7. it was one of the longest weeks of my life! last wednesday hermana gonzales (the CCMs presidents wife) had a tube that i would put in my mouth and inhale fumes for 20 min 3 times a day for 3 days, and it didn’t do jack squat!! so on Saturday night i had to go to the hospital with the gonzalezs. so the nurse came in and luckily she spoke english so she was nervous cause she thought i had phnemonia cause it was so bad, so they took me in to get xrays and luckily it came out clean, but she said to be careful because phnemonia could still develop, but I’m praying it wont! they ended up giving me some antibiotics and some cough medicine, and luckily that has helped a little bit but I’m still coughing...but not as much. i have fell back on spanish because i had to sit in my room and try to get better for a couple of days, but that didn’t help either. I’m hoping that it will be gone soon! elder wright gave me a blessing so hopefully that will help, too. Sunday was pretty good, since it was fast sunday, we had a testimony meeting, and testimony meetings in MTCs are one of the most spiritual things that i have ever been to, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I’m so glad that i had the opportunity to attend that! we got to hear 2 apostles speak (a recording of course) i love what elder holland said. he said, ´´on your mission make sure that you get at least one convert, and that convert is yourself.´´ that quote really hit me because i know that I’m out here to serve the Lord, but I’m also out here to become a better person, and these past 21 days have changed me so much it’s scary!! yesterday (tuesday) we had a live broadcast from the Provo MTC, which was awesome!  we got to hear from president russell m. nielson, and when it’s a live broadcast, there is way more spirit in the room because you know that it is going on as you speak. he gave really good advice on missions. i figured out that our first week in chichlayo, elder bednar is coming in person to speak with us in the mission home! i am so excited for that!! thank you so much for the package! i was having a super rough day, and then i heard that i had a package from my parents and the rest of my day was amazing! could you send me a jump rope, chick fila sauce, honey mustard, bbq sauce, and just american candy, i already miss it! i cant send a package for a while cause you cant send packages here in the CCM and i still have to find christ stickers, so it will be awhile, sorry:/ but i promise I’ll get you one!
And on Monday elder wright and i taught M, and her story is that she was pregnant, and her boyfriend and her got in a fight and he pushed her and killed the baby, so we taught her the plan of salvation and how she will be able to see her baby again, but she took the commitment we gave her to read Moroni 8:17 which talks about how little children are saved through the atonement of Jesus Christ, and during the lesson i had SO many impressions to speak and say what was on my mind, but i didn’t know how to translate them in english, i was so temped to just ditch spanish and talk in english but the spirit was still way strong and the lesson went great! on saturday, they are taking us out in the middle of lima and they drop us off with missionaries in the field, and we get to go proselyting for 6 hours! I’m excited to finally get out and talk to real investigators, but I’m also super nervous because my spanish still needs work, but what better way to learn than to experience it first hand! i found that panton bread with the fruit you guys were talking about, and it is amazing! i sent a picture of me with it, as well as the soccer fied we play on every day (and my soccer skills have increased pretty good already haha).i hope you guys have a great week and I’ll talk to you guys next wednesday i love you guys so much!  Elder Moore

Nate and his companion Elder Wright

First tie trade with Elder Harper


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