Thursday, November 12, 2015

Investigator Fall Throughs

This week, nothing really big happened. it was just a calm week nothing big, but we got to go to a baptism of a investigator of the hermanas, and we brought one of our investigators with us so that was a awesome experience to have him see that. and we just taught a bunch of lessons, and one of our investigators always skips out on church, we have put 3 dates with him, and they have all fell through. so i dont know, he wants to get baptized, its just he wont come to church!! but ya. and im sorry i got something else about food. so for halloween, our pensons son bought us mcdonalds and dunkin dounuts!! so that was a nice halloween surprise, but ya thats all im talking about food. and my comp thinks that im gonna start training next transfet...ah! but ya that was my week, nothing too big, sorry. but i love you guys so much!! and mom, can you PLEASE get my ryans email i want to email him.

i love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a great week!!

Elder Moore    (and i finally snuck a pic. of my penson...half of her)

Nate's pension who cooks all of his meals.

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