Monday, October 26, 2015

Made Bricks and Helped Build a House.....

I am super excited to get those bears and hand them out, and ya i got the package from grandma so ill write her. 

My week went by so fast! we did a lot of service this week, we spent the entire morning and half the afternoon building part of a house, it was quite interesting. i felt like i was on the amazing race when they made those bricks in peru. i am still super sore from that and that was thursday! we had a stake conference with all of peru and bolivia, and we got to hear neil a anderson speak. i didnt know he spoke spanish. that was way cool to hear!  there was this creepy lady that stopped and talked to us one day, and she grabbed my hand and pulled me super close to her and she said..."your eyes are beautiful!...i want them!" and i kinda flipped but then she starred at me for about a min and she walked away. then i bought a water bottle and it was half drunken out of, with blood all over the outside so i had the lady get me a "fresh" bottle of water (that just made me realize im not in the states anymore) and also we were in the middle of a lesson and there were chickens running around the floor (also remembered that im not in the states). but ya, that was my week. i hope you guys have a great week, too! love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Moore

french toast for breakfast
my district
and a bear grandma sent me in her package (and that recording was great!)

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