Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Transfer...Staying in Jaen

It was so great to talk to you and dad, it was super hard to hang up the call! Thats cool Ryan and them came over for a min, they are great guys! and i love all the photos, (i didnt take any photos this week cause  i was at the other elders room and forgot my camera) 
You pretty much know what has happened this week, Elder Wallace got a change so ive been in a trio, but today everyone that had changes left the entire zone had changes, Romrell and Tonga are both gone. But i am super excited to get my new comp tomorrow Elder Rojas should be great! ill send you a picture of him next week. today we have a lesson with Miguel so we will see how that goes, his wife came to church yesterday...but he didnt 😡 so i will ask him what happened, but they have all their papers ready to turn in to get married! So i am praying that they can get baptized the 21st!!!! and i was thinking about my package, could you send me another belt i just think it would be better to have 3, and can you send me some american body wash? that would be amazing! I love you guys and yes it was absolutley amazing to talk with you guys yesterday! 😄
Elder Moore

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