Monday, May 2, 2016

Busy Week in Jaen

This week has been another pretty good week. I did another interchange but this time i was with Elder Tonga which was fun (i forgot my camera) But him and i got to teach a lesson in english! there was a guy who lived in L.A. for 10 years so we taught him the restaruacion is sweet! but that made me realize that i cant teach in english anymore..haha. Later in the week we have a part member family the 2 sons are members, but the parents are not. So we watched The Restauracion with the brothers and the mom, and the mom started to tear up durring some parts which was way cool, hopefully we can work good with her! And after they gave us some bread and cheese sandwhiches with anís (like a herbal tea).
On friday before we did weekly planing. i bought a water for 1.50 and i paid with a 10. so i should get 8.50 back right? well we have a crazy neighboor who is literally crazy. And somehow he thought that 8.50 was 6.50 so i fought with him (nicely of course) until he finally realized.haha. That same day we were eating lunch and we found a GIANT rat in our penions house, so i picked up a wooden stick and killed it (pic below) so that made lunch rather interesting. also that same day, i did another interchange but with a latino named Elder Aguliar. which went actually pretty good, but for dinner his penion isnt that good, so all she gave us is cake...thats right our whole dinner was Saturday morning we woke up and there was a riot going on something about water and the electricity, but it was kinda scary the police had some heavy firepower (Ak-47, granade launchers, etc.) and they had riot sheilds too...scary. And saturday afternoon we helped with a service project and sanded walls of a house for a member. 
Then we had a awesome lesson with Miguel! We watched Together Forever and they accepted to get married the 6th of may and baptized the 7th ! we were soo excited. Then we talked with a laywer who is in our ward and he said they have to wait 15 days until they can get married 😨 so they wont get baptized this weekend :/ and changes are the 10th of May so most likeley one of us wont be here to see them get baptized which is sad, but its awesome they are still goin to get baptized! And to finish off the week saturday night we were heading back to plan, and there were people right outside our room, blasting music and getting hammered drunk. And my comp cant really sleep that well when theres noise. So he started having a panic attack cause he was afraid that he wasnt going to get any sleep, so we went and slept over at the room of the zone leaders. So that was my week, I love you guys!!! and talk to you guys sunday!!!!!!!!

Elder Moore

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  1. I totally can picture Elder Moore going after that rat with a stick!