Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Great Investigators This Week!

It has been a pretty dang good week, we have a couple living together named Angel and Perla, and we put a marriage date with them for the 29 of this month! But they had to leave church early yesterday so we have to move their baptism date 😫 but they will get baptized without a doubt! we were also teaching a crazy catholic lady, and her husband came in and yelled at us and kicked us out of his house, which was kinda interesting... on sunday in elders quorm we were betting on pics of the temple 😝 so i ended up buying one with a pic of the Trujillo temple that says, "families are forever" (pic below) so that was kinda funny/fun to bet of things in church. and the food here is pretty good, but i really miss american food! the things i eat the most here are: rice, eggs, and chicken. and the peruvians cook with soooo much oil!!! so thats basically been my week. I love you!

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