Monday, July 18, 2016

One Year Mark!!!

( D&C 24:8) "when we have patience in our afflictions...the lord is always with us, even unto the end of our days"....but the best part is that we dont have a end of our days thanks to the attonment of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
My week has been okay, i bought a new suit that is soooo flippin legit! im scared to wear it...haha im only going to wear it to multi zone meetings, and when i come home...haha. speaking of funerals there are sooo many deaths here in pimentel, everyday i see about 4 or 5 different funerals. Angel and perla are doing good. I also cannot believe that i already have a year in the mission! so crazy! i found out that one of our investigators was the governor of Pimentel so that was kinda cool. This week has also been kinda rough, almost everyone failed, so it was a real trial on faith. we also bought hamburgers from the street and their burgers are a fried piece of ham 😑 so that sucked.. my life is treating me pretty great im here learning spanish and making other peoples lives better 😁.  Keep being strong, God loves you, The Lord loves you, and dont you ever forget that...I love you!

Elder Moore

Traditional One Year Burning of the Shirt

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