Monday, August 1, 2016

Elder Moore is now a district leader!

so last monday i was getting into a taxi and the driver took off when i was half way into the car!  i also had a chance to de-feather a couple ducks, then later gut them...super gross but also super sweet. we found a new investigator and she went off for like 10 min on how her house is possesed with demons, so that was kinda creepy. the same lady that we helped de-feather the ducks later invited us to eat with her and her family (they are members) there is also a photo below. on friday i did a work exchange with another elder from provo, and almost every person we talked to invited us to some kind of food...we ate soooo much i thought i was going to explode! the baptism for the 6th is still good! so we will have a baptism this saturday i got notified that i am the new district leader so im pretty pumped for that! I love you! and talk to ya next week. Love ya!

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