Friday, September 16, 2016

 Not much really happened this week. Some members bought us KFC which made like my entire week. So on Tuesday we were in a lesson with 2 young girls and in their house they teach dance so i made the guy go and dance...pretty funny. also i found some cats the size of my finger along the road crying cause they didn't want to die...kinda sad so we put them in a coat so they could be warm. I did a work exchange with another elder and it was just a party.  we got trunky listening to Christmas music and eating American candy..We had a movie night with some girls that are investigators they are total homies. one is 16 and the other is 18 (juanita and Nicole) and we watched the Testaments. then we all took one big selfie. Then i got news that my comp has changes and my new comp is named Elder Alor another Latino, so that should be fun. So that's been my week. Have a great week! Love you! and talk to ya next week!

Elder Moore

A street Elder Moore walks down each day.

The street on the other side of his apartment.

This is the building where they live.
I think the mission president and his wife liked the surprise we sent.

A surprise picture one night of Elder Moore and his new companion making french toast.

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