Friday, September 23, 2016

Elder Hidalgo had his farewell family night which went good, we also sang happy birthday to him, cause his birthday was Thursday...which kinda sucks. Then i got my new comp Elder Alor again from PerĂº he is a pretty cool guy,  haha on Tuesday he fell asleep during a lesson.... then we contacted some JWs  which was insane they flippin attacked us (verbally of course) then my comp and i made some french toast so the Peruvians could have a little taste of the good ol states. i also bought some 7 up pop but flavor of lemonade which was super gross!! as far as investigators go its kinda slow, we got one named jesenia who is pretty sweet, she just had fear that if she gets baptized she cant repent anymore... I also found a member from one of my old areas which was pretty sweet (pic below) so that has mainly been my week.

Elder Moore

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