Monday, September 14, 2015

Robbed Again by Four Men in Hoodies

yes i got my packages! thank you so much! i loved them!! that's awesome that candy bomber guy came!

And this week has also been not the best. it started off great and we were doing tons of work. our investigators were doing great. oh and durring one of our lessons, this young girl (about 16) came up and kissed me on the cheek, and i didn't know what to do, so that was kinda awckward. Then our week kept going good, then friday it all went down hill...we were walking home from our last appointment, and there were these four men in hoodies walking down the street. they split off and one grabbed each of us and the other two searched everything. so yes we got robbed again! two times in one week! So we called president williams, and we had to get an emergency transfer so now we are in a different area. it's not that far from our old one, and it's just as dangerous but i know that the lord is with us. we spent all of saturday moving all of our stuff out of our old room and into our new one. our new room is pretty big, its bigger than the last one. we got a new pension, and she is flipping amazing. her food is da bomb! but we figured out that we are getting a new one TOMORROW(tuesday) so that kinda sucks. But now where eever we walk, i am so afraid that someone is going to try and rob us again, night time is especially the worst. i'm not going to lie, ive about had it, this whole week and still a little bit now, i just feel like curling up in a ball and doing nothing but i know there is work to be done, and that we were put in this new area for a reason. 

So back to your questions, yes i have ridden in a moto, and it's crazy, and they are usually 2.50 soles.  yesterday our pension gave us white bread...that's right white bread! and wait it gets had jelly on it! oh my, it was so amazing!! and my favorite meal here is papa´s fritas.. which is fried chicken under a plate full of french fries.! 

But after that it's been okay. not really anything too cool. and i'm sorry we are at a new internet, so i dont want to risk getting a virus and have it erase all my pictures so i'm going to wait till next week to send pictures.  i hope you guys have a great week, and i love you guys so much!!

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