Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nate invited a girl to be baptized....and she accepted!

Nate's first baptism with his new companion Elder Goff

This is the pension's son that eats meals with them each day.

But oh man, this week went by sooo fast! this has been one of the best weeks i have had so far, even though the first half of the week i was battling a stomach infection from a bad peruvian hamburger, but Hermana Williams gave me some pills that helped so much. Then on tuesday we were in a lesson with a recent convert, and his sister who is not a member, and i got to teach most of that lesson which was awesome, then at the end i invited her to baptism...and she accepted! oh the spirit was so strong, and so now we have 3 baptisms in october! 

And on thursday i went on an interchange with a latino for a day, and my head hurt so bad after from trying to understand spanish for 24 hours. Then we were in a lesson and the mom started to breast feed, it was the most awkward moment of my life, i felt like that moment in grown ups. but i just have to remember thats their culture. 

we had a lesson with another recent convert, and modern music from america was playing so that was kinda fun to hear those songs again. the baptism on saturday was AMAZING! there was not a dry eye in the room cause the spirit was so strong, and after the baptism they brought out cake and inka kola, and we were fasting so we couldnt have any, so i started to cry tears of sadness (not really...haha) but it did suck, cause everyone kept offering us food and we had to turn it down. 

But  ya that was my week, and i got a picture of us at the baptism with antonio (the guy who we baptized) and him and his wife are so nice, they always give us full out meals whenever we stop by. and i got one of our pensions son, who always eats meals with us. But ya that was my week, i hope you guys have a good week too! i love you guys so much!!!!!!!!

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