Monday, September 7, 2015

Elder Moore...Robbed and Attacked by a Dog

Im not going to lie, this has been the hardest week so far on my mission! I was struggling with spanish all week, then on Thursday, we were walking to our next apointment, and we got robbed. it was probaly one of the most scariest things of my life, and i wanted to do something but you cant. We are alright though, he didnt hurt us, all he took was our phone. so that made my week worse. Then last night i got attacked by a dog, he didnt bite me though he just bit my shoe. I am so thankful for all the Lord does for us! I have been soo home sick this week! but my comp has helped me so im starting to get over it. 

But ya that was my week, so my area is Campodonico, and i dont know my street name. We are about 10 min by taxi from the mission home, and i have not gotten my packages yet. My comp is awesome, he is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. and when we type emails, we go to a little run down internet shack. and sometimes i do miss the ccm, but i would rather be out in the field. Today we went to tottus, which is pretty much like a wal mart, so for about 40 min, it felt like i was in america. We ate at a restraunt and we had fried chicken, and it came with french fries, then there was a place selling mcdonalds ice cream so i got a mcflurry, and i about cried, it was so amazing! i am seriously trying my hardest to get you pictures, but i love you guys so much!!!! I will talk to you guys next wed. love you guys!!!

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