Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Adventures in Jaen

so i had a pretty eventful week! there is a new italian place that is pretty close...SO GOOD! we have gone there 2 pdays in a row (forgot pics :/ ) but its amazing! and on tuesday...sooo hot! it got over 120 degrees with humidity! so that was kinda torchure. Thursday i got to spend 24 hours with Elder Headrick from my group, we were doing a work exchange and it was awesome! he's such a great guy, and we kicked butt as far as lesson wise. while with him we were contacting talking to people and we found a guy with 6 fingers! so crazy so we taught him a little lesson. and our recent convert gave us some super good popcorn. that night our neighbor has a coconut tree right outside of our house. So we got to climb up the tree and get our own coconuts and cut them open and drink and eat them!! so good! (pic at bottom of us) During that work exchange we visited Miguel and he is doing awesome!! we finally got his wife in on the lessons and she is more interested than he is! she is pumped for marraige and she wants to progress...its been such a blessing! After Miguel gave us this drinkable fudge with cream and colored chocolate balls on top...amazing! Saturday we passed by a investigator and his TV was on and i saw the trailer for the new captain america...i cried a looked soooo good!!  i have to wait till i get home...NNNOOOOOOO!!!! then on sunday we passed by miguel again to help him in his shop and after he gave us this drink that was natural yogurt with chocolate pudding. But it ended up tasting like cheese...🤔 i don'

t know how. it was kinda good tho. and he showed us this video LOOK IT UP!!! its called 

"Condor Pasa 100 años de Magia" type it in like that and its like a 4 min video and it shows beautiful places...all in Perú! So that was my week i Love you guys!!! and talk to you guys next week!!!

Elder Moore

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