Sunday, October 2, 2016

so it was a okay week. but last Monday my friend and i got pizza hut which made my entire week! later that night we had a family night and they gave us pancakes!! so it was an American day! we had another family night and watched Legacy which is flippin amazing! later i had a work exchange with a elder from Trujillo named Elder Sanchez pretty sweet guy. we went running by the beach which felt awesome! then we took a bunch of pics by the beach. that night we had an activity and i got blindfolded and had to be guided by the "the spirit" which was pretty cool until i whacked my knee on a chair..haha. on Friday i got a phone call saying that a family that has listened to the other elders has came back from Lima and they want to be baptized that was interesting. so on Saturday i went over and gave 4 people a baptism interview. but it all worked out. then on Sunday night i was threatened by a guy on drugs who got angry with me and crumpled up the picture of Jesus that i gave to him...then later threw it at me....that's why drugs are bad. so that's been my week for ya. you will be super happy, i sent lots of pictures this week! love ya!

Elder Moore

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