Sunday, October 9, 2016

Oh and today i am now in the womb! nine months from today ill be flying home...crazy! Last Monday i got to make myself a PB&J sandwich which was amazing! later we made a American cake which was even more amazing! on Tuesday we had a recent convert tell us that he is starting to doubt his testimony about Joseph Smith which is scary. and there was a lady who lived with 10 dogs...crazy! i also did a work visit with a guy from Ecuador named Elder Erazo who is pretty sweet. We watched the restoration with juanita and nicole which was sweet the spirit was there for sure! haha then i had to check on some marriage dates for the assistants. conference was da bomb! it was 2 days of just relaxing and watching the prophets and apostles talk. but one of our investigators almost died last week due to some heath problems which is kinda scary but that just shows you that he still has a purpose in this life. So that's mainly been my week. sorry it was kinda boring. hopefully next week there will be more events that happen. Have a fantastic new week. Go and do some good this week. Love you.

Only nine months of his  mission left..silly Elder!

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