Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Well it was also another week. i had a member call me and tell me that he was going to come out with us..then 30min before he called and said he couldn't....wow. i did a work exchange with Elder Torres a guy from Ecuador. hes pretty sweet. his pension made us a BBQ chicken pizza, that was the best thing i have eaten in a long time! the next day my mission president came and looked at my room and told me that we need to switch rooms because our room right now is way too small! so we have been looking for new rooms this whole week which has sucked! then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and he is awesome, he did practises with us and gave us some super helpful tips.i gave a lady a baptism interview, the old little lady was so sweet, it was an enjoyable interview. its been hard because every new room that we have found has had something wrong with it, so i have no clue what we are going to do! we visited the mendoza family who are getting ready to get married and get sealed in the temple. so we watched a video on temples and they showed pictures of the sealing room, and other sacred rooms. and it made me think...how lucky are we to have this knowledge that families can be together forever...its just so amazing! then i contacted a lady and gave her a book of Mormon, later on she invited us to some Peruvian pastries...super nice lady. and i got the news that i am going to say in pimental! so i will be here another month and a half....yay. so for me that's been my week. Love you! and talk to ya next week!

Elder Moore

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