Tuesday, February 7, 2017

hope you get feeling better soon! 
so bad news....well yes im okay...but yes there have been floods here. the bad news is that water entered in from our room and got a lot of my stuff wet, including my camara....so now my camara dosent work, i have no clue what to do! but ill get to that later. this week. monday night my comp woke me up saying that he heard footsteps and voices. so i gave him a blessing. tuesday we were walking and out of nowhere a little girl/zombie appeared out of nowhere. and started to follow us. finally we dicthed her. later that night we were talking about her and the lights went out...weird. wed. the rains started and it was crazy! we just got hit all at once. from 9pm till 5am we were sweeping outside trying to save our room. and thats where water came in and got my camra wet :(. during that night houses began to fall and people began to scream. that was probably one of the sadest moments in my mission. hearing those screams knowing that from that moment on, those people were homeless. :( thursday i had a mulit zone which went good. we were gonna eat pizza, but the rain caused that pizza huts roof collapsed. so we ate chicken. and the mission presidents wife is in the US cause she had to have surgery...scary. friday i got sick from sweeping outside for all that time. but president didnt think it was safe to work so we stayed in all day. saturday as well. sunday we went to church, and helped a lot of members with service. this week has been super hard for me physically and emotionally. but thats all i got for you guys. i love you guys

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