Wednesday, February 1, 2017

the town is okay sized, big enough for 2 missionaries! but wow, this week flew by! last pday was so boring! all we did was watch movies. then we had a family night with the branch presidents family. they are so amazing!  although they are poor, they are rich in thier testimonies. thats just a second reminder on how the gospel can bless families! Tue. i did a exchange with a Elder from Bolivia. we found a guy who believed in God, but not Jesus.... Wed. we had a world wide training for missionaries, and they changed our schedule and our key indicators, so that was kinda crazy. Fri we did a "Mormon battle" where a bunch of the members came out with us to visit. after they invited us to pollo a la brasa. Sat. i was SO HOT! we visited a convert and his wife is not a member, and she hates us. and she said "why do you keep coming by, pretty soon you will take him to your land no?" freakin lady...also a guy came and looked at our shower, cause there was a missionary who got hurt by his shower (it you use it wrong, it shocks you) Sun. i gave the gospel principle class. they gave me no time to prepare so my class kinda blew :( later that day we put a baptism date with a mom and daughter! for the 25th of that was great! then we spent a long time talking with the branch presidents family. so i think that's been my week. i love you guys!

Elder Moore

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