Tuesday, February 14, 2017

so this week has been a week of service due to the rains...but to start off, last Monday we went to a place called Tùcume, like 1 1/2 hours away to go to a museum. we went all the way out there to find out it was closed 😤 Tue. we did service. we helped the branch president load big logs into the back of his moto, then we dug holes in his backyard and put the logs into them. after i was talking to one of his daughters whose name is A. , and i splashed water on her...ha now she is mad at me...ha. Wed. i was sick, i think i will be sick my whole mission, but wed was horrible so we didn't do much. Thu. we did more service. well better said my comp did service cause i was still sick, so i just sat and talked to the branch presidents kids. Fri. we had zone conference. then i did a exchange for a day with Elder B from Utah....so good to speak English again! then we spent 20 trying to open a stupid door, and the key cut my finger. 😐 Sat. i woke up to find a visitor in my clothes...a flippin scorpion! so i about died. then it hid in my clothes so we took ping pong paddles and took out my clothes one by one until we found it. then us being stupid teenage boys took a video of it striking at a broom stick...ha then i killed it. then we ended the exchange. and both my comp and i weren't feeling too good so we just rested. Sun i gave a class at church about Adam and Eve, then a member gave me a ceramic pot which was cool. then we taught j. who has a baptism date, and in the middle of the lesson, her drunk dad came in and ruined the lesson. We told him  that the Lord doesn't dwell in unholy places. so after that he shut up. yesterday we helped put bricks onto a roof. so that's been my week. love you guys! i will buy a camera this week then send you guys the amount. Love you guys!

Elder Moore

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