Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last Week at the Lima CCM

So this week has been so fast and my ankle is fine, the medics here messed up so its not cracked thank goodness! i did do some ligament damage, and no im not on crutches anymore but i have like a compression wrap that i use.  i leave tuesday morning at 2 am for the airport to fly to chiclayo. it's crazy that's i'm pretty much done with the CCM and i don't know if i get to write when i get to chiclayo or if i have to wait till a week from monday which is my next pday.

This week has been crazy but is still the same schedule here which is driving me insane! there is nothing really to write about. but we got to do a service project which was kinda fun. they just had us wipe a lot of chairs down and that's about it. on sunday my district sang a special musical number which was praise to the man and we sang the first 3 verses in spanish, then took a pause and sung the last verse in english which made it way more spiritual! we also got to watch ephriams rescue too which i forgot how amazing that movie is! oh and because of my sickness and my foot i've gained 14 pounds already! hopefully i can lose some in the field, i should be able to, it's just every meal we eat here...the entire meal is pure carbs so that makes it kinda hard. 
today we got to go through the lima temple (which i sent a picture of) for the last time for 2 years. that temple is so tiny, but SO beautiful!! this time i listened to it in spanish instead of translating it into english, and i could understand most of what was going on so that gave me some hope for the field. 
here are a couple of pictures, the one with the guy is the janitor here. he is hilarious so i had to get a picture with him! i hope you guys have a great week. i love you guys!
        Elder Moore

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