Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Bronchitis now a Cracked Ankle???

I LOVE that picture of you guys! that is an awesome picture! But this week has also been super hard, because now right after i get over my bronchitis, i put a crack in my ankle :/ i was playing soccer and me and another kid collided and i ended up landing on my ankle wrong. i don't know what i'm going to do.  i ended up walking in Lima today not knowing it was cracked until i got back to the CCM but this is really going to challenge my faith. other than that this week has been amazing! even though i am getting super bored of being in here, i only have 2 more weeks! i can't believe that i've already been gone a month! on saturday
 they took us out proselyting for 6 hours which was quite the experience. it was good to get out and see what the real world was going to be like. it was elder wright and i with a latino that had been out for about 22 months. we first stopped by this inactive ladies house and to get there we had to walk like a mile down this ghetto dirt road, during the lesson, i didn't really say anything. so when we got out of the lesson and went to the next ladies house, he handed me a paper about faith and enduring to the end, and said "ok elder are you ready because your teaching the next lesson" which freaked me out because he had been teaching her for about 4 weeks, and he trusted me to teach a lesson to her. i followed the spirit and opened my mouth, and i actually did pretty good. then we went back to his apartment for like 20 min for a bathrooom break, and he gave elder wright and i 2 of his ties, and they are nice ties! then we walked around lima for a couple of hours and went back.
But this week has been absolutley amazing (except my ankle). and yes i got you and dad some scripture cases and dad some ties. that's crazy about your class and dad, i loved your letter. when i read it today (wednesday) i got a little emotional, i loved what you said about happiness, because i was having a rough day and that made it a lot better! one of the pictures im sending you is an elder called elder noel, he left tuesday for his mission, but he helped me so much in the CCM. i didn't think that it would be so hard to say goodbye to somebody you only knew for 4 weeks, but he's the one in the peruvian jersey.  i'm also sending you a picture of my district, and elder wright and i on a city bus in lima.  I love you guys so much!!!!! i'll talk to you guys next wednesday.
Mom I cracked my ankle playing soccer...

Elder Moore's District

Riding a bus in Lima

Elder Moore and Elder Noel

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