Monday, August 31, 2015

First letter from Chiclayo..Everything is AMAZING and AWESOME!

I'm glad you got the package and that everyone liked their gifts. oh man this week has been so awesome! chiclayo is amazing and i love my trainer! he has helped me so much this week. i am really struggling with the language, i just cant seem to get it down, but i know that it just takes time, and faith. my penson (who cooks our food) is amazing! she is so nice and her food is so amazing. our room is pretty nice too for chiclayo. its just big enough for us 2 to live in, and my whole area is 85 precent dirt road so that is always a humbling experience. i love our investigators! they are so awesome, and they always give us amazing food. my trainers name is Elder Romrell. he will be out a year in november. time is kinda going by fast, but not at the same time. oh and its super hard to send pictures outside of the ccm computers so you may not recieve a lot of pictures, im so sorry but i will try my best to send some. im doing amazing! even though there are some days where i just miss home like crazy! my district is great too! the district leader was TJs ccm comp. so thats kind a cool. i am loving it so far, once i get more of the language down, its gonna be a lot funner. every thursday night we always have game nights at the church. the bishop is so freakin nice, i just love my first area. we live next to a pretty dangerous part where missionaries get robbed, but we should be fine. im doing amazing and ill talk to you guys next monday, i love you guys!!!!!!!!!! (and ill try to send pictures when i can, it may be a while tho)

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