Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference and Finally Some American Food

Thats good to hear all that information! And im excited for Ryan to come and visit you guys, when he comes, tell him he needs to write me. 

And this week has also flown by! we got our pension's son to run to a place called real plaza which is a place we cant go, and we paid him to go by Chilis for us! it was so good to have a good ole american hamburger again!  i felt you guys too when i was watching general conference, and general conference in the mission is amazing! we were all in this little room together in the stake center watching it on a little screen, and we all brought snacks and it was a party! i have a picture of all of us in the room together and my comp and i in a moto taxi on the way over to conference. there wasn'ft a lot this week since we were all focusing on conference. but i finally got my voice recorded for you guys so there ya go.  i hope you guys have a great week and i will talk to you guys next week! (and yes i got the cards, and yes i am feeling better from the hamgurger)

love you guys! 

Elder Moore
Riding to conference in a moto taxi.

Watching conference with his zone.

Lucky to finally have some american food. The burgers were from a Chili restaurant.
Playing soccer on p-day with his zone.

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