Friday, January 15, 2016

Parasites and Infection

This has been a super hard week, im not going to lie, pretty much i kept getting worse with my sickness so i spent monday, tuesday, wedsnday, and thursday at the hospital. they did more tests on me including a ultra sound, which was super wierd.ha. i found out that i have a parasite and a infection so they gave me some pills that are really helping!  i feel a lot better now! but a elder from my group (elder hicken) has been super sick like me, but for 1 1/2 months and he unfortunaltey had to end his mission, which is kinda sad.  we were blessed. i went out and worked thursday even when my stomach was still killing me, and we got 3...thats right 3 people with a baptism date! man we were so blessed! i had interviews with pres. this week and man i love that man! he is so amazing and he gives so much advice! and my comps. mastered in cooking so these past couple of days my comps cooked for us (some columbian dishes) and its super amazing!! so thats my week..i love you guys!! ill talk to you guys next week!

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