Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Applying the Teachings of Apostles...

This week has flown by! i can hardly remember what happened, and im at that point where spanish makes more sense than english..haha. and our one investigator had her date for the 30th this month but she was traveling and didn't come to church so now we have to move it to next week :/ and our other investigator Jose Roldan still has his date for the 6th! we have a new investigator who is amazing! he accepted a date for the 6th also! its amazing how much a testimony can move people! we had a awesome training that was with all the missionaries in the world..thats right all of them and it was over satellite and it was amazing, it has some apostles (like elder bednar, and neilson) and elder marin and i applied their teaching about how we NEED the holy ghost in our lessons, because we are not the teachers, he is. i was thinking about this one scripture (i cant remember where its at) but it says that "if you do not have the spirit, you can not teach." and it is SO true! so thats been my week i have some pictures.... I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!

1. i am almost a latino..haha (my tan line)
2. my soles of my shoes at only 6 months.
3. the building you wanted.

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