Monday, January 18, 2016

A Change in Attitude

im doing a lot better! my infection is gone, but i still have the paracite (and ill have it for the rest of my life, and it wont bother me too bad)

This week has been AMAZING! my comp and i have had a change in our attitide about the work and we can see the blessings. we are talking to everyone we see. the sisters asked for a blessing because they were discouraged, so i shared my testimony about how i was discouraged when i got robbed and there wasnt a dry eye when i finished! we have this one investigator and we had a family night sunday and watched ephrams rescue (a member gave it to me) and by the end she shared her OWN testimony!  she said that the church is true!!! we had another lesson with a couple that dosent want to get married so we shared the plan of salvation and bore testimony and they are getting married Feb. 14!  we have another investigator who wont accept a date, but again we bore testimony and he accepted Feb. 6! We have been so blessed! Those were the highlights of my week, i love you guys!! Talk to you guys next week!

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