Saturday, January 2, 2016

Surprise New Years Email..New Companion

well i guess i can write today, so new years was great! i got my new companion, he is from columbia, his name is elder marin and he is super awesome! we are going to get along just fine, ill get you a picture monday.  new years was cool, we had to be in our room by 8 and we got to sleep in so we slept in until 9 which was awesome!  i loved that poster from the primary it made my week! i cant believe its already 2016. ive been out for pretty much 6 months!! oh and we found three peruvians that speak pretty good english, so that was fun to talk with them. oh and we saw a robbery by our house it was so scary! there was a big van that pulled up to pick up three guys and when the door opened the three men grabbed a guy from the van and threw him to the ground and started beating him up and took his cell phone and his bag, and we were like 8 feet away from it...and i saw who the robbers were, and i am super good friends with them so that kinda made me feel sad for them but it was still scary. that has been my week. I love you guys and ill talk to you this monday!

Elder Moore

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