Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Ward Baptism

Honestly sending that package wore me out ...it took so long! What has happened this week...Miguel is doing great! we finally got a lesson with him and his wife, and they came to church last sunday!! they are getting married in June and will be baptized soon after. Last p day i sprained my ankle really bad playing volleyball so that made this week a bit hard but im doing better now. OH and one of my belts broke i sent a pic so you can send it to missionary mall. Our ward had a baptism this week! his name is Luis and he is a giant! but he is going to be such a great convert (also pic below) and thats pretty much all i can remember my brain is literally dead! but the package should get there Monday. the little boy is a kid that lives next to us that we always hang out with. his name is aaron. I hope you guys have a great week in cancun! Love you guys!!

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