Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy 19th Birthday Elder Moore!

so last monday my comp and i and the zone leaders climbed up to these huge radio towers and I of course forgot to put on sunscreen so my neck got ROASTED! that following tuesday, it made working almost unbarable.  on tuesday we had a chance to get our own coconuts. we have a huge coconut tree right outside our apartment. we got to get one and cut them open and the water was SOOO good! Friday my birthday was pretty good as well, we didnt get any lessons in though :/ but below are some pics of dinner haha. Conference was AMAZING! my favorite talk was Elder Hollands at the very end...he killed it! he was also cracking tons of jokes.haha. well that was my eventful week..haha I love ya and talk to ya next week!

Elder Moore

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