Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Seeds into Chocolate

This was actually a boring week, we did a little service project for a recent convert, we built a brick wall for them. we went to ward council and nobody showed up...again! our ward is not very good at all is really frustrating! We watched a video clip about the tabernacle in provo that burnt down and the process of rebuilding it back into a temple. At the end they showed a few photos of the inside...beautiful!! I am going there ASAP when i get home! We also had Zone meeting so it was fun to get to know the zone a little bit better. Our investigator M accepted to get married to his wife! they are starting their papers and my comp and i are buying them the cake..haha. He also took us back into his shop and taught us some more on how the seeds they get from the plants, turns into chocolate. its quite interesting.  Thats about it for the week, I looked all around for a scarf but i couldn't find one, i got dads ties ready, but the zone leaders are going up to a cool place so im going to have them look for something up there. so ill send it next week. I love you guys!!!! 

Elder Moore

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