Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This week i figured out that one of my investigators died of cancer which was super sad! it was ironic because the last lesson we taught was the plan of salvation. last monday i got to say goodbye to my trainer before he went home, which was SUPER hard! on tuesday i bought what i think is gonna be my homecoming suit so that was pretty sweet. there were a lot of rude people on tuesday which was like really annoying!  later we went to see my investigator who passed away and he was hard seeing him dead. thursday was the birthday of my comp so that was cool to celebrate that with him!  i found a gringo by the beach so i loved talking in english for a min. OH and we found our next baptism!  thursday we taught him the restoration and it was amazing! after the lesson he said, "i have read, i have prayed, and i have got my answer...i know this is the true church" so powerful! once he said that i invited him to baptism and he accepted the 26th of november! so great! we contacted a lady who was super nice, but once she found out that we were mormons, she kicked us out of her house....i don't understand. so i think that has been my week, have a great week! 
Elder Moore 

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