Monday, November 21, 2016

I must say that it has been a better week. monday we arrived at the mission office, and it was one of the assistants bday, so my mission president invited them, us, and 4 other elders to go to chili's! it was amazing! it was just like the states! for an 1 hour i was in heaven. and president said, "well get what you want, money isn't a problem" so that made it even was sooo good! after eating rice and chicken for 16 months, it was good to have a change!  on tuesday my comp had to go to the doctors cause he has fungus growing on his foot, and the doctor was scraping grains of dirt from his nail...kinda gross. and on the way back, a HUGE bee flew into the taxi, so that was kinda scary. on Wed. i gave a girl a baptism interview and she is a power house! then a member invited us to dinner and we ate pollo a la brasa its called, pretty good. 
on friday my pensions daughter got married, and i got to help them make some preparations for their marriage which was fun. and since I'm getting older in the mission, they were all teasing me saying " ya falta poco por su matrimonio" which is like "its not that long till your wedding" so that was funny, until they were doing it for more than an hour, then it got kinda irritating...haha. on sat. i didn't have a pension so we just ate out in the streets. and now we have to move the date of ivan to the 10th of December, and the transfers are the 6th...NOOOOO im gonna miss it by 4 days 😭 I'm still gonna count it as my baptism tho. i started with him at rock bottom. and on sunday grupo 5 came to pimentel, which they are like the one direction of Peru, so that was cool. oh and i went to the baptism of the girl i interviewed, and her friend tried to take pics of the baptism, and no one said anything...even the bishopric. so finally i had to say "sorry you cant take pics" so that just shows you how much the ward was not paying attention. so that's been my week for the most part. have a great week! 
Elder Moore

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