Monday, November 28, 2016

well its kinda been a good week. last Monday we had a family night with the bishop and we brought an investigator (the young guy by me in the photo below) and we later put a date for him on the 24th of December! we were teaching him about the book of Mormon, and during the lesson he started to powerful! and on wed. i am pretty sure i gave my last district meeting class in pimemtel...kinda sad. after we just talked about Christmas. then i did a work visit with elder sanchez, and we walked around ALL day. there was a huge rottweiler ? i don't know if thats how you spell it...but it ran towards me and i was certain it was gonna attack me, but it ended up being nice. and it ended up being a awesome dog. on thursday i was sick which wasn't too fun...i just stayed in bed all day and watched 17 kinda lame day. since it was thanksgiving, i will name also a few things i am grateful mission, i have come to really know my purpose in life, and i can now speak 2 languages. my family, that we will be together forever. later we passed by one of our investigators and he was drunk, and he said "if you were a girl, i would marry you" then he came in and hugged first i thought he was gonna try and kiss me....which i am REALLY glad he didn't....haha. we watched Ephraim's Rescue with some less actives and now they are starting to come back to the church...its awesome to see them work with the spirit. so for what i can remember, that has been my week. have a great week! 

Elder Moore

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