Friday, November 11, 2016

Well to start off i had a super lame week, but at the same time a super awesome week...let me explain. Tuesday was amazing! We had a multi zone which was my favorite one that i have had on my mission! the main topic was marriage and families. it really hit me as we talked about how to have successful families. What really blew my mind was that we read in Alma 50:1-6 about how Moroni commands his armies to build safeguards around the land of the nephites in preparation for war against the lamanites. When you have time read Alma 50:1-6 and read what Moroni commanded his armies to do. But here are the ways it ties in with the family:
The heaps of earth = marriage
The timbers = prayer
The pickets = the scriptures
The towers = family home evenings
it hit me so hard, its so true that when the husband and wife establish their marriage and family on these 4 things, it will be a lot easier to defeat satan (the lamanites ) and his temptations. so tuesday was pretty cool, i also got to see my favorite comp Elder Marin (pics below) then the rest of the week sucked. on  Wed. we were in the room all day, the owner of our apartment called and in the morning a guy came over and knocked a whole in the wall of the bathroom to place a window, and we waited all day for that stupid window, and at 6:30 they came to put in the window....and they took out the wrong measurements, so the window didn't fit....i was kinda like really upset with them. on thursday they finally put in the window. on friday night we had a ward mission night and we were in charge of the game, and every one got frustrated with us cause the questions were "too hard".  on sat. my comp was sick so we stayed in the room mostly the whole day there is a pic of me of what i did all day...haha . on sunday we spent all of elders quorum teaching how to give health blessings...iso basically my whole week kinda blew...except for tuesday, the multi zone was da bomb! right now i just want to focus on the multi zone i had, cause it got to me. it got me thinking about my mission and why i came out here. It got me thinking about how i have helped and will help families get their lives back together. that's obviously one of the reasons i came out. I have been thinking about all the blessings i have received and will receive. and now i am starting to see things a bit more clearly. I have received lots of blessings over these 16 montsh, i have become more patient, i know spanish, i understand the gospel of Jesus Christ a lot better, i have a family who loves me, etc. all i know is that i am eternally grateful i came out here, cause i really love this gospel! i really love peru! and that's how i felt after the multi zone. i love my mission. 
go and make the best out of this week, and ill talk to ya next week! Love ya!

Elder Moore

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