Friday, December 16, 2016

my new place is pretty nice, i will send photos next week, i forgot, sorry. my new comp is pretty cool we get along okay. my pension is the nicest lady ever! pic below. the town is normal sized and there is tons of dirt! 
there are 6 elders in my district including me. 
last Monday i had my goodbye at a members house which was kinda sad...oh and i got a surprise! I'm NOT coming home on the 4th.....I'm coming home...........the 13th of June, 3 weeks early because of the change of mission presidents. so surprise!! Tuesday the changes happened. i got to my new area and the entire morning we went out and got to know the members which was good, they are great! the bad thing about this area is that there is nobody...well we have a baptism date for the 23rd of this month so that will be cool, but other than that, there is NOTHING! we have spent all this week knocking doors which was awful!
wed. we had ward council at night time and the church was having problems with the light system so the lights kept going on and off really fast, so the church looked like a haunted house...haha. Thursday we had a lesson with some inv.  and after they gave us some mango flavored popsicles. friday we practiced our scripture mastery's and for everyone we missed we had to do 5 push ups. then we went to a member so he could come out with us, and his dad owns a store so he kept giving us soda and treats..haha. then we went and totally burned a inv. cause she cant get her head around the fact that her baptism is incorrect. after burning her she gave us hot chocolate and bread...haha. on sat. we were walking and a car drove passed us and splashed a mud puddle on us, so that bugged me a little. on sun. church was good, all the members are super nice, again we just walked around all day so this area is good, just TONS of that's been my week i hope you guys have a great week. love you guys!

elder moore

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