Thursday, December 8, 2016

transfers.....yes i have a chance...i am going to the area...Pueblo Nuevo in the zone Latina....which is the same zone where i got robbed 3 times...but i know that's where the Lord needs me. i don't get to call home...dang.  i did get to watch the devotional great!
So i have some bad news...President Williams said that now we cannot use recorders to send our sorry its all letters from here on out. but last Monday all we did was play soccer which was kinda boring. Tuesday was okay. i bought a mango that was super sour...which really bummed me cause now is the season for mango's.. we also had the 1st councilor from the stake presidency come out with us which was fun...hes a cool guy. after he bought us bread...haha. ON wed. we did weekly planning kinda early. After i did a work exchange with Elder Erazo from Ecuador. i have known him for more than a year now so it was fun to hang with him. we taught a lady whose top lip was tiny, and her bottom lip looked like it got stung by a bee 😂 after we tried to get a taxi to take us for 80 cents, but he wanted 1 sole, we told him we didn't have a sole, so he flipped us off, i don't get it...😐 then a cough started to come on...thursday was horrible. the morning we contacted a really rich part, then my cough got really bad, so we rested the afternoon. 
Friday we had zone conference which went good i will let you know next week what day i will skype (i don't think its gonna be on Christmas) then we visited a recent convert whose family left him for going the church. when we passed by, he had not eaten in 3 days and he talked about taking his own life. after the lesson i went over to the store and bought him 2 days worth of food, service just makes people happy. especially since I'm one of Christ's representatives right now.  sat. and sun i was sick coughing all day, i bought some cough syrup that seems to be helping. so ya...that's been my week, i love you guys! talk to ya guys next week! 

elder Moore

pics 1 ivan
       2. ivan and my elders quorum pres.

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