Tuesday, December 20, 2016

the assistants told me, yes my mission pres. is coming home that day as well. yes my pension does live in a store, she lives a block away, 10 min. 

this week, I'm not gonna lie, its sucked. Last pday we were playing soccer, and i jumped and i did ligament damage in my foot. So i have been locked in my room the entire week. tuesday i went to the hospital, the doctor first thought that my foot was broken, but he took xrays and there wasn't a crack, but there is ligament damage. The doctor wanted to give me a shot in my butt. and right before the nurse was about to give me it. one of the office elders called and reminded us to call sister williams before we did anything. so i called her and we couldn't receive shots. so that saved me from a painful experience! but this entire week i have been in my room. Friday i left for a Christmas multi zone which was pretty cool. that and church sunday have been the only times i have left the room this week my comp and i have spent all week watching movies, and being bored. so sorry this has been so short..but that's been my week.

photos of my room, and my foot. Love you guys!!!

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